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  • John Burgdorf (North Texas Luxury)

    Nice home, looks like a Utah home. But come on, can we not see a Ferrari or Range Rover in that garage? 🙂

  • Daniel

    The exterior entrance is weird. The interior is nice for the most part. Why is there a range/microwave in the laundry room…or uh…a washer/dryer in the kitchen The price is laughable at best.

  • KEV

    I think those washers and dryers with the kitchenette are part of the ski prep area. This house certainly has an impressive finish out, I don’t think they will ever sniff 19.6 for it however, more like half that. I looked it up on google maps and it is truly off the beaten path…I can’t imagine the hassle of hauling all the materials and people to that building site. Still, no 19.6 million, ever.

  • CincyRob

    I agree. Great home. Highly overpriced. Awesome luxury rustic but the over the top laundry/kitchenette combo is just weird.

  • Venom

    Love it, gorgeous home.
    I don’t think the price is that horrible for the area and the detail work in the home.
    I was going to comment on the kitchen with the washer and dryers in it but then I realized that it had to be some sort of secondary kitchen area and it is.
    If you go through the listing, they show photos of the main kitchen.

  • Orlando

    I swear every mansion in Park City has a golf simulator lol

  • jay

    very nice designed home … feels like a cozy place to sip some hot chocolate and watch a movie and then hit the slopes in the morning =)

  • Dave Johnson

    Great home to compliment the 2 feet of snow they received in 2 days.

  • Iemand

    Good, nice looking home. Price is hiiiiiiiigh!! 😀

    • Iemand

      hmmm, that smiley came out wrong…

  • Lane

    In all honesty, the price is about right. This home is right on the slopes, pretty much perfect location. Deer valley has been the highest ranked ski resort for the past few years so I really don’t see a problem with the price tag. Ive been skiing deer valley since I was 3 and it is by far the most luxurious resort I’ve been to.

  • Oliver

    Beautiful home. Great location. kitchen/laundry room is definitely a no-go with me but whatever still a wonderful house.

  • NA

    Oh well, speaking of Park city. It has highest ranked of riches and famous people live there. That’s why they put it as high price due ski resorts around, event goes on, etc. Plus right there as side of ski ride. I research about park city. Most of them have high income avg around 75K to 400K per year. Some of them are higher than $400k a year.. It does make sense to me as high price tag of this house. It is not my type of house. I prefer modern house than wood. Since if it is happen fire around and burn million dollars house. I prefer modern house and less burn everything. It could save my house.

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