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  • Lane

    Not a huge fan of the interior, the living room seems a little crowded. Other than that it looks pretty nice.

    Any info on that monstrosity under construction at the front of the neighborhood?

  • Kieran

    Stunning home! And very impressive subdivision

  • Nick

    I don’t go crazy for this one, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not beautiful.On the contrary, I deem that it’s nice mansion in a superb location.

    The back exterior seems beautiful, so I want to focus on the interior, which is generally homey: I love the living room despite the fact that it looks somehow small, the office room is elegant, the kitchen is OK, the vividly colored home theater is pretty sweet, while the outdoor spaces are extraordinary.The only problem is the dining room: It seems so isolated from the rest of the house, not to mention that it’s not spacious at all.

    Generally, it’s a beautiful mansion.And if you love golf this is a must.Otherwise,
    built your dream mega mansion like Jordan does…

  • Daniel

    I think it is a great house. The architecture and decor for the most part is beautiful. The dining room looks a little dark and narrow. Other than that, I really like it.

    However, I could not pay $12 million and not live on either the ocean or intracoastal – okay, maybe I’d pay that to live in the Estates section of Palm Beach, but that’s about it. I get that this is quite possibly Palm Beach County’s most exclusive gated community and homes hover around this price range, but it doesn’t change the fact that Jupiter is still a lot farther north than I would ever want to be. Royal Palm Yacht & CC in Boca provides golf, waterfrontage, a very good locale halfway to Lauderdale or Palm Beach, exclusivity and walking distance to the beach. Maybe I love it so much because I’ve lived in Boca all of my 23 years, but to me it’s the better choice.

    And on a side note, I still hate the fact that Michael Jordan’s home is being built in a style that will throw off all the other homes in the community. Contemporary? Really? I wouldn’t be surprised if its because contemporary is the cheapest style of home to build. Rube.

  • Siobhan

    The dining room is too narrow; how is the waitstaff supposed to delicately navigate around the room to serve me without bumping into chairs?

    The kitchen looks very nicely appointed. Is that armoire really a refrigerator?!? Love it.

    Whoever designed the office layout obviously hasn’t watched enough gangster movies. Who would you have your back facing the room’s entrance?

    The outdoor space is easily the nicest thing about this property. It almost doesn’t matter if some of the rooms feel crowded or awkwardly furnished – just spend the day outdoors!

    • Daniel

      I don’t think that armoire is the fridge. Notice how it only sticks out about 8-12 inches from the wall. I think it may be a spice cabinet or something. I think the fridge is on the other side of the island; you can see some doodles or paper hanging extreme right side of the picture. This in all likelihood is the fridge as it takes up the entire wall. Even so, it is still a very nice kitchen.

      • Siobhan

        Dream crusher.

        • Londongirl


          I used to live in this house. Yes, both of the armoires in the kitchen were designed to hold fridges, the yellow armoire holds a double Sub Zero fridge and 4 Sub Zero freezer drawers, the natural wood armoire I decided to leave as a china cupboard.

          Also, the office/library has a double sided desk – so no, you don’t have to sit with your back to the door (but could make your personal assistant, dog or husband sit in that seat like I used to!)

    • BC

      Gangster movies? This house is not in the ghetto, not even close. The Bear’s Club is a securely guarded country club community where some of Palm Beach County’s wealthiest residents live. The security there is excellent (and it should be for the $4,000/Quarter HOA).

  • Mako

    I dig the blue velvet ‘sex lounge’ located next to the hot tub ! Scandelous

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