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  • Stewie

    It’s got a nice drive and all but personally I find this kind of architectural form kind of sinister. Like a horror movie set or a haunted house

    • Iemand

      ha, you’re right man. But the interior looks pretty good though…

    • sarah

      Not sinister, gothic… MAybe you should research a bit more instead of creating your own type of architectural forms.

  • Grrrowler

    The exterior looks like it needs more windows. It’s actually the high roof line; it overpowers the front and is out of proportion to the rest of the house. I would add a couple or four dormers to the roof and it could possibly bring things into balance. The interior has possibilities. Even as is, the “bones” of the interior are tasteful and a great base from which to work. With the right decorator I think it could make a very nice English-style country house. The price seems like a great bargain.

    • Travis

      yeah the front dormers look really small compared to the high roof line

    • sarah

      Its is an amazing price especially because it comes with a barn. Guest house, and a ton of land. The house was rushed in the end so many of the finishing were touches were chosen by random people because the owner/designer couldn’t finish them.

  • Travis

    I like the arched doors off of the Great Room(?) out to the patio, but the ceiling of the patio should be a dark wood rather than white.

  • Daniel

    I agree that the house looks creepy. Photo 5 just gives off a terrible vibe for me…it’s like I’m expecting to see a ghost appear. And it’s also super plain. The rest of the house is completely forgettable. The exterior carries the same creepy motif. As Grrrowler said, the roof is too high and the windows are too small. Add larger windows and maybe a few on the attic, and it would warm up the house. I don’t see where the $5.5 million cost for this house is…

    • Sarah

      Maybe the house is $5.5 million because it comes with a barn, guesthouse, and a ton of open filed. Just a thought.

  • Nick

    Atrocious from every aspect.

    Let’s hope that SC will have much better mansions than this…

  • Siobhan

    Look at those lovely… trees. I’m sure someone will come along and call us all haters, but I agree with the comments that the roof should go on a New Years’ diet and some of those rooms could be occupied by ghosts. Maybe the property was once a battlefield.

  • Mak

    Its so dark, both inside and outside, it sucks the life right out of you. Yecccchhhh….

  • Stephen

    I personally think the roof line is kind of interesting, very french. I do think the proportion of the windows to the facade seems a little off but overall I find the facade to be quite attractive, just my opinion. I don’t see why so many are calling it creepy and talking about ghosts being there….

  • Ben

    Being a resident of Aiken, SC, there are many many more homes in this area that deserve to be on this site. There area lot of old estates and mansions in the area due to the large horse racing community.

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