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  • Daniel

    The exterior has promise, minus the attached garage that’s positioned the wrong way. Interior is ho-hum. Personally I think the rooms are too big to make it feel elegant AND cozy at the same time. The carriage house is pretty cool.

    Is the price just right or are the owners crazy? Knowing nothing about the area, I’ll assume the property is overpriced by a good 50%.

    • Matt

      the home is priced low. Harding is an exclusive community and homes are very expensive

  • Grrrowler

    The outside is OK, although it looks like thousands of other colonials in the NE. I wish the attached garage had been detached, or connected with a breezeway, to make it look like another outbuilding.

    The interior, for my taste, it simultaneously too plain and too polished. The floors are too shiny; hand-scrapped wood would make the house look much more authentic, and give it more warmth. Alternately, some of the rooms are plan to a fault, like the master bedroom. It also looks too big; I thought it was an upstairs “bonus room”. I would prefer a small entry foyer with a single staircase.

    The setting looks beautiful. It looks close to Saddle River, which is a very nice area. It’s also less than an hour by car. However, the price does seem optimistically high.

  • George

    I live very close to this house, it will bring 3 to 3.5 mil. I don’t know the selection process as to what is chosen for placement on this blog, but, if was done in an effort to advertise the house by an over zelous realtor, it was not a good idea to market a house by asking close to 3 times its worth.

  • TEE

    the bathroom is ridiculous. having that much dead space is useless and, as Daniel said, actually makes it seem even less luxurious. overall it bores me. boring exterior, boring landscaping, boring lot, boring rooms, boring colors. definitely nothing unique here.

  • Venom

    There is nothing $9 million about this house….

  • Travis

    Very run of the mill house. Not to be rude, but why do homes in New Jersey seem to fetch so much money? Is it just proximity to New YorK?

  • CincyRob

    The interior should have been staged to give the rooms more flare. The colors are bland but workable. The bathroom needs a lounge chair to sit on while the tub fills. Staging and paint would help but it is still too expensive. The stairs should have turned instead of looking straight like that too.

    • Siobhan

      I agree. The scale of the rooms looks large in the photos and even more so in the floor plan. Without furniture to imagine how each room could be used, a vast space turns from full of potential to bland and boring.

  • Matt

    Stunning home. I live in Mendham and this is close, not exactly worth 9 million, maybe close to 4 million..beautiful area

  • Bryson

    I would give em a clean million… Nine mill, i dont think so…

  • Nick

    Unacceptable price for that kind of quality…

  • mattc

    Pretty unimpressive and generic for the money I think.

  • Siobhan


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