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  • Kieran

    The view from the pool is exquisite. A stunning home, I had been hoping to see more photos of this estate for a long time, so thank you for the awesome update!

    I thought that some aspects could have been done better, such as the theater, then I thought, no, I like that its so simple. Any body could move in here and truly live in it and make their mark on the home.


    • Kenny Forder

      Same here! I was quite disappointed when I saw the theater, but then I realized that I like its simplicity. I do wish that there were more seats though.

  • Mak

    First! Hahah!…

    What a lovely, lovely home. Its way too big, but its design execution is impeccable.

    • Mak

      DARN YOu ! I thought I was up early!

    • Kenny Forder

      HAHA, you were almost first! I appreciate you commenting this early =) I agree! The execution is flawless.

  • Stewie

    It is an exquisite home but for that price it’s simply not going to sell – I can see it going in the high 30’s but not in the 60’s

  • Marcus

    Thanks Kenny, for the pictures. This is one of my all time top 5 houses. I love everything about it with exception of the seats in the theater. I think some seats with a little design pattern and some different colors in them would make a big difference in the theater.

  • Daniel

    There is no doubt that this home is exceptional. The architecture, design and materials used are stunning. But come on…how long has it been for sale? Nearly a year, if not longer? And STILL no price drop? As nice as it may be, it is still an overpriced home in Jersey. Even if this was in the Hamptons or Greenwich (which in my opinion are far more exclusive that Alpine regardless of any Forbes list), it would still need a price reduction. And the home isn’t even Turnkey! A lot of furniture and accessories are needed to fill a 30,000 square-foot home, and simply going to the local Rooms-to-Go obviously won’t do the home justice. The armada of interior designers will need to scour Christies/Sothebys/Barclays for furnishings that compliment the high-end architecture. I wouldn’t be surprised if a seven-figure budget is needed to adequately furnish the home.

    If I were to predict a selling price, I see it going for somewhere in the mid-twenties, maybe low thirties if someone REALLY loves the area more than the house.

    • Joy

      what Daniel said… lol

    • Grrrowler

      It would definitely take a seven-figure budget to decorate this house properly. But, anyone who could afford the purchase price would probably not balk at spending that. That said, it could be amazing. Imagine what it could be like if David Easton were turned loose on it. The price is definitely too high. I’d much rather have the house in Greenwich anyway…

  • Matt

    I absolutely love this place and would pay top dollar for it if I had the money. Truly stunning and one of my top favorite homes.

    And i love that it is in New Jersey 😉

    I hope someone snatches it up soon!!

  • CincyRob

    Modern Gatsby Style home.

  • georgethegreek

    the architecture and the materials are really great. now i miss the interior decoration of this mansion. i don`t like the backyard, it`s too boring, to onlay a pool and that`s it, no trees or so.

  • waspypuppy

    I have two of these.

  • Mark

    Like the restraint show, its good design and all elevations are spectacular. Normally in NJ they tend to be the epitomoe of the “mcmansion” tacky with no design sense at all. This is gorgeous, don’t love hte hotel like foyer (a pet peeve of mine) as classic homes were never built this way unless it was a royal palace. But every other space is fantastic. EXCEPT that wine cellar…what the heck happened there? I hope its still being worked on because thats as bland and boring as you make one. Other than that, another winner.

  • Venom

    Stunning home, virtually flawless inside and out.
    A proper mansion.
    I am so happy the theater is tastefully done and not covered in garish drapes and loud multi-colored carpeting.

  • Siobhan

    Impressive kitchen!

  • Tay

    I could see a movie being filmed here… The location is kinda sketchy though…

  • Kyle

    It’s okay, I do not at all see how this place could possibly be worth $60+ million though. It’s not THAT opulent!

  • ZigZagBoom

    This is actually pretty tasteful for an American Mega-McMansion. Still I think something like Patricia Kluge’s Albemarle House, designed by a British architect in the late 1980s, pulls off this “distended colonial facade” style more successfully.

    The turret is thankfully hidden away in a courtyard, but is still astonishingly tacky and architecturally inappropriate. And what’s with those hideous bulky dormers on the back?

  • Bud

    A Beautiful home. I can see one major flaw. There is no direct route from the main hall to the lower level. One has to go through the kitchen to get to the lower level. In a party, not good to have guests trouping through the kitchen to get to the lower level. Also, not every buyer is interested in a basket ball court. Could be turned into an indoor pool.

    • Kenny Forder

      No, there’s a side staircase near the ballroom 🙂

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