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  • Daniel

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my goodness. $9 MILLION? Honest to Christ, why not make it $25 million and call it a day?

    The inside ain’t bad, but considering the price I would expect something a little better than ‘not bad.’ Kitchen is my favorite part, though it seems too big for the house. Exterior looks like a gingerbread house. The circular staircase looks like it came out of the ads in back of Popular Mechanics…you know the ones…they advertise those circular staircases starting at $295 and go up from there. HA! The worst part has to be the back yard. NINE MILLION to look at the rusty roof of the pool house and the next door neighbors’ shack.

    • Siobhan

      There’s (almost) no such thing as a too-big kitchen, Daniel.

  • Siobhan

    Never noticed the floor under a dining room table till this post. I like it! Most of the decor is fairly restrained and neutral, which is fine. It’s hard to get a sense for the layout of the home, though, from these pics.

  • Daniel

    Living in Canada, I can tell you that the prices are extremely high. A decent 2400sqft house in Vaughan, Richmond hill, Aurora, or Markham is over $500, 000

    • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

      Vaughan, Markham etc are NOT the Bridle Path area or Forest Hill. Detroit isn’t Beverly Hills. Burger King isn’t Maxims de Paris. Prada isn’t a thrift shop. A Rolls Royce isn’t a 1979 Yugo. And so on . . .

  • Venom

    Bloomfield Hills, $1.5 million plus a massive backyard and possibly a lake too.
    This is way overpriced.
    That circular staircase is awful also.

  • Travis

    I love the idea of a subterranean garage, but doesn’t a single garage door in the front defeat the purpose of a hidden garage? I really like most of the kitchen, except the dark cabinet doors inset in the white cabinets. If you’re going to mix and match cabinetry, you shouldn’t just do it with the door. I think that because the circular staircase looks to be in a closet, it isn’t that bad. However, the backyard is most definately a dealbreaker, especially at $9 million.

  • Grrrowler

    Oh my gosh…we seem to have two Daniels. I’m so confused. Ok, more confused than normal.

    I like the inside more than the outside. It’s just eclectic enough to get my attention. However, it doesn’t seem like anything special. The backyard is downright depressing. It looks somewhat abandoned.

    I do have to disagree Siobahn and say that a kitchen can be too big, at least in a house. When it becomes an exhausting workout just moving around to prep, cook, and clean then it’s just too big. I prefer a more compact kitchen as part of a large great/family room myself.

    As for the price, it does seem too high. The neighborhood looks nice enough, but the houses are practically right on top of each other. I don’t know how home prices in Seattle compare to Toronto, but in Seattle this would be a $2.5 million house, and prices are not exactly cheap here.

    • Daniel

      Ha! Seems I have an impostor on my hands. However, it shouldn’t be *too* difficult to differentiate the two of us. Basically I’ll be the one that hates anything that isn’t from S. Florida 😀

  • Owen

    For all of you – the majority here – who think this property is overpriced, you’re paying for location. Forest Hill is one of the priciest locations in one of the priciest cities in canada. Not understanding why doesn’t make your shallow comments any more persuasive than they are.

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