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  • Daniel

    If you were to ask me what kind of contemporary architecture I DESPISE, this would be it. This isn’t a home. It’s a shrine to ridiculousness. I would expect this in Epcot, but not as a residence where actual human beings live. I hate it when architecture attempts to be as minimalistic as possible. This home begs not to walked in, slept in, played in, LIVED in. Hate it hate it hate it.

    • Daniel

      Ya know, I second thought I take it back. I don’t hate it…well, I hate it as a HOME. But I think this would make the PERFECT garage. I’d destroy most of the walls inside and keep the bathroom. Heck, I’d even keep the sofa. I’ll just assume the architect was inspired by the garage in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off:

      So it is salvageable for that reason…to showcase stunning automobiles. As a home, it fails miserably.

      • Siobhan

        Here’s my take on it: Designs like this are intended to push the limits of what we classify as a home. They’re intended, in my opinion, as a launching pad for people to adopt the style and make it their own. This is quintessential minimalist architecture, and it has its place in design. Plenty of homes that most people consider beautiful are either inspired by this style or contributed to the rise of this style.

        All that being said, I thought I wanted to see minimalism on this site. And when I do, what’s my first thought? ‘I have a painting that would look great on that wall.’

        • Daniel

          I don’t mind minimalistic architecture, I just hate when it takes an arrogant and almost political stance against all other forms of architecture. I could not imagine setting up a Christmas tree in this home, having a Thanksgiving dinner in this home (yes, I know it is Sweden, but you know what I mean), having any fun in this home. It’s almost as if its a religious shrine – No loud talking, respectful clothing, etc. As you said, anything a normal human uses such as shampoo or something would look out of place. Everything has to placed in a perfect right angle.

          • Kenny Forder

            I agree. Well first of all, if the home were twice the size, then I would like it a bit more. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of storage space or anywhere to put things like Siobhan pointed out regarding where she would put her hair products. I also love artwork and there isn’t a whole lot of wall space to showcase anything. One more thing…those couches look comfortable, but damn, I would like a couch with a higher back haha.

          • Kieran

            I agree, these look incredible with art in them, such a great space to offset anything!
            I do not understand the idea of not living in here, there is a couch and therefor I would sit and/or lie down on it and put my feet up, easily done
            A Christmas tree would look incredible in this home, it would really be the jewel of the crown in any room of this room.
            And these home are easier to clean than other homes …there is less to clean than other homes, if your as into your cleaning as I am.
            A home that “takes political stance” is maybe just a home style in its ‘purist’ form. I could easily party here. Amazing ‘loud’ clothes, music and mess to match …then clean it the next day like any home
            Is it too hard to think that this could just be perfect for a lot of design focused people?

    • Venom

      Cool house to have a party in, horrible house to actually live in.

  • kieran

    This is the best home you have posted in a longggg time! I LOVE IT, I would more than happily (Hysterically) move in tomorrow. Simply beautiful and perfect. Ten out of ten …I never give tens.

  • Siobhan

    Thanks Kenny! I asked for more minimalist/modern homes and you sure delivered!

    I am still not a fan of the frumpy-dusty faux-chateaus we frequently see (and I’m not alone; I guess nobody wants to live in them, since they’re evidently always on the market), but I do agree with Daniel that this goes right to the extreme of minimalist design.

    I like: The clifftop location. What views! Walls of windows. Uber clean lines.

    I don’t like: Where do I keep my perfume and hair products? Well, then again, the Swedes that own this probably have short-short hair and wear turtlenecks and leather driving shoes. You know the type.

    • Kenny Forder

      No problem! I found it just for you!

      LOL. I definitely know the type.

  • Siobhan

    How’d they get that photo of the bathroom without the photographer’s own reflection appearing in the mirror above the sink? (Maybe that crappy Nebraska listing could learn some photoshopping skillz from the Swedes.)

  • Swimmer

    I agree with all, this is an incredibly beautiful building, as a museum that is… Like Daniel said, I really can’t imagine being able to live here, let alone relax here. Look at that tub, there is nothing soothing or relaxing about it. To tell the truth, it looks like a hotel bathroom. Over all, this would be a stunning piece of art but I cannot see it as much else.

  • Iemand

    The location is awesome, great! The house I don’t know…
    I looks more like a place which I would visit for a party and talk about and go home again rather than living in it.

  • Grrrowler

    I’m not sure I have a lot to add to what others have said, bu that’s never stopped me before. I think it’s a beautiful modern building, but it’s more a study in modernism than anything. When Mies did this 60 years ago it was groundbreaking. Seeing it done today, it doesn’t push any boundaries. I agree that it’s a refreshing change from the overstuffed, over-decorated, under-creative proverbial pigs with lipstick that we see so often. But, the square room with flat roof and walls of glass has been done many many times. I appreciate how difficult it is to design something with such extreme restraint. But, living in an architectural model isn’t always easy. One single thing left out on the kitchen counter, bathroom vanity, or bedside table and the entire effect is ruined. Want a family photo somewhere? It ruins the simplicity, so sorry.

    We’ve seen some modern houses on this site that use some warmer natural materials (wood, stone, leather) and they are still beautiful, but can be lived in.

  • graydon

    those of you who can’t imagine yourselves living here don’t belong anyway.
    I quiet, uncluttered house like this inspires creativity and calmness. I would move my three children, nanny, dog and three cats here in a minute. We would simply have the housekeeper come more often.

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