Could There Be TWO 50,000+ Square Foot Mega Mansions Being Built In Georgia?! | Homes of the Rich – The #1 Real Estate Blog

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  • Daniel

    Might wanna keep a couple bulldozers in the garage for the inevitable…

  • Siobhan

    Pictures or it never happened.

  • Allen

    Looking at CCOS on Bing, it looks like the house on the end of Barkston Dr could be the one he is talking about. I’m pretty sure they tore part of an existing house down and expanded the foundation, etc. You can see what looks to be the underground garage that Tim is referring to.

    • Travis

      That looks like it could be it, but it’s only foundation, and he says it’s almost done. Unless the Bing Maps image is really old.

  • Al Robinson

    So, if I understand right, he didn’t say yet about the “other” mansion, let alone, the “first” one. If we think that the one on Barkston Way is the “first” one.

    I really hope he’s telling the truth.

    Plus, it’s a little ironic how close geographically that one is to “Dean Gardens”, which is smaller than the one he’s probably referring to.

  • Lane

    I have no idea what homes he is talking about but I got a couple friends in country club of the south so I will try to get some pictures.

  • Marcus

    If you look to the east from CCSouth at Dean Gardens on Bing Maps and Dean Gardens is only 32,000 Sq Ft the one at the end of Barkston is smaller. Even if they are counting the large garage there is no way that house is 55,000 Sq. Ft.

  • Marie

    Kenny I hope you get more info from this Tim guy. The only 50 k mansion I know of here in Georgia is Evander Holyfield’s home so I’d be really curious to see if anything is true about what this guy has emailed you.

  • KEV

    I don’t know about this one–or two. First of all, the true enormity of a 50,000 square foot home is lost on probably 95% of people–they really don’t realize how incredibly huge such a home is, especially shoehorned onto a non-estate sized lot (i.e. less than 4 acres or more.) Now I suppose if you take into account garages, patios, courtyards, porches and basements maybe one of these houses MIGHT be somewhere in that range, but even then I seriously doubt it. Homes of size usually attract a lot of attention when they are being built and yet no one has heard of either. So……..

    • Marcus

      I think you got it 100% correct. When Dean Gardens was built it was on the front page of the AJC Home Section and on the local TV Stations. Same thing when Tyler Perry build his 30,000 sq ft riverfront house, it was in the papers and on the local TV stations. If someone is building a 55,000 to 60,000 sq ft mansion – that would be news just about anywhere in the US.

  • Caleb

    There is one house on Harrington Rd. Thats under construction then the other one is on Barkston Way There is also another on Brumbelow Rd.. I dont know if thees are the ones but they look huge on google maps!!!

  • Lane

    They look big but not 50,000 sqft big

  • Local Agent

    I know the homes in Country Club of the South very well. I don’t think either of them are 50,000 square feet, but more like 30,000. The one on Barkston is a remodel/renovation/enlargement. The home on Harrington is new and is under contstruction at the current time. I do have access to photos, but would not post them on the internet for respect for the owners and in compliance with the community CC&R’s.

  • LCarl

    I saw the house on Harrington Road in CCOS today. In may experience (a lot) this home is at least 50,000 sq. ft. Enormous.

  • Cam

    So I looked through property records for CCOS, the huge house on Harrington Rd being built has no information, somehow they have it hidden. From Google Maps it doesnt seem 50,000-ish maybe 20,000-ish?

  • Cam

    Also for the Barkston Way house, they have some info on it but no Sq Footage, It has the owners name and the land value, so the house must not be finished.

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