Home #1 – Pictures #1,2 – This 19,233 square foot mansion is located on River Trail Garden in Austin, TX. It is owned by Mark B. Sutton. Mark is a Senior Advisor at Crestview, a private equity firm with $4 billion under management. He retired as Chairman and CEO of UBS Americas in December of 2005.

Home #2 – Pictures #3,4,5,6- This mansion is located at the end of Crane Neck Road in Setauket, NY. It is owned by Joseph Smokovich. He owns Hi-Temp Steel. Hi-Temp purchases refractory metals – which can withstand temperatures of more than 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit – from large public companies and resells them for use in high-pressure situations, including pollution control devices, landing gear for planes and armored military vehicles

Home #3 – PIctures #7,8- This mansion is located on Callaway Court in Toronto, Canada. It is owned by Canadian Billionaire Rudolph Bratty. It sits on approximately 2.5 acres and is located in a gated community in Thornhill. The Bratty’s own Remington Homes.

Home #4 – Picture #9 – This mansion is being built on Long Island Drive in Atlanta, GA.

Home #5 – Pictures #10,11 – This mansion is being built on Denison Drive in Saddle River, NJ. It is being built behind the owner’s current home. It will be finished in about 6-12 months.

Home #6 – Picture #12 – This is Bernie Marcus’ (Home Depot founder) newly completed home in St. Andrews Country Club in Boca Raton. It is located at 7179 Ayrshire Lane. The home is 18,793 total square feet, 13,884 a/c square feet, and includes 6 bedrooms, 8 full baths and 2 half baths.




  • Iemand

    Well, here we go:
    #1: Very plain exterior. The exterior walls look just like any other McMansion (how did you guys come up with this name?). And multiple decks on a house may be comfortable, but the sure ruin the image of a house.

    #2: Don’t like the house, but the location can be just right (open water anyone?). Also very plain garden (new build?)

    #3: Has potential. The huge roof may be a ruin for the house’s image. Also I think the pool is under that (retractable) glass roof, that looks good. I think best looking one of all 6 houses.

    #4: Can turn into something nice. Don’t know about the “tower thing” on the left.

    #5: One sentence: ‘Welcome to Disneyland!”. It’s hideous. Crowded image: 2 kinds of roof, 4 different types of exterior wall, way to many bulges (I don’t know if this is the correct term. And what are they doing what the first house?

    #6: Photo posted here isn’t a good one, it makes the house just a busy looking as #5. Photo’s on the site give it a more moderate look. Inside looks already a bit outdated to me.

    So concluded: don’t really like any of them but #3 is the best looking one.


    • Travis

      The possible pool on house number 3 looks great. I love (well designed) indoor pools. It will definitely get more use than an outdoor pool, especially in Toronto.


  • Daniel

    Homes 3, 5 and 6 are my favorite. Home(s) #5 just looks ridiculous. Are they going to bulldoze the old house or keep it as a guest house? If they decide to keep it, I certainly hope they make the exterior similar to the newly built home.

    I like the Marcus home a lot. ***NOTE***: ****Interior pics are numbers 7 though 20 for the Marcus home**** I LOVE the huge open spaces inside, which St. Andrews homes are sort of famous for. The exterior, although completely different from the interior design, is also very well done (if a little plain in some rooms). Even though the community is a little further west than I would like to live in Boca, I certainly wouldn’t be unhappy if I owned a home in the community.

    By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR to Kenny and all HOTR readers!!!!


  • Nick

    The Austin mansion is wonderful and the views are magnificent.

    The NY mansion has one drawback: The blue roof…However, it’s a large mansion in a beautiful location.

    Rudolph Bratty’s mansion is possibly the best mansion from this part.The back exterior especially is amazing.

    The NJ mansion would have been nice without the owner’s house in front…

    I also like the FL mansion, it has some beautiful elements (the exterior is nice), but it’s not considered something truly exceptional.

    Great post Kenny, this series is always interesting!!!


  • Tay

    It is common to leave the original house in front or standing during construction for teardowns. Im sure that they’ll tear it down after the construction is completed…


  • George

    Based on its setting and street presence, i like the Atlanta home the best. #4, followed by the Saddle River estate once the house in front is knocked down.