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  • Grrrowler

    For anyone with lots of free time, there is a slew of videos on all kinds of houses, including Champ d’Or in Texas here: http://inmanstories.com/spaces.php

  • Daniel

    That Bell Acres home is ridiculous. I admit, if I drove up to that house for the first time my jaw would drop, but after a while it just seems like a damn hassle. Plant some trees around the driveway too, please.

    • Grrrowler

      It looks like there’s a decent amount of land behind the house. It’s impossible to tell if it belongs to the house, but if it does I can’t imagine why it wasn’t moved back into the trees somewhat. Oh wait, then it can’t be seen from the road as easily…


      • Nightmoves

        They have made use of some of the land behind it with tennis and basketball courts as well as a pool. It wouldn’t surprise me if they built two or three more homes on the street and then gated it off. However, it is so hidden there is not really a need to do that.

  • Venom

    I think this constitutes Mansion Porn.

  • Tay

    so out of place… that Bell Acre Mansion.

    • Jon

      yup. If i had a house that big i would have tried to get a little more acreage and built farther back from the road. And done more landscaping instead of just grass.

      • Nightmoves

        The house sits on a slope so it is actually a little farther away than it looks and everything is gated. It is located in an area where unless you are looking for it, or using gps you’ll never find it. It is in a very rural area.

  • Andre
  • Kyle

    1) Anyone know the music that plays for the Bell Acres video??

    2) All those Beverly Hills mansions with no trees around!? Whatever happened to having a mansion farther out in the country with lots of trees around it or something, these look like they’re all crowded together in all open space.

    I once heard that a difference between Old Money versus New Money is that Old Money likes to be hidden while New Money likes everyone to know what they have. I must be Old Money at heart, I’d like a place like La Bel Vie, but out further in the country, away from other homes, and surrounded with lots of trees, secluded, hidden, very private.

    • Daniel

      According to my song ID app, it is “Kali the Destroyer” by David O’Brien.

      • Kyle

        Thanks Daniel!

  • Nick

    The 1st video which is dedicated to some famous Beverly Hills mansions is incredible.You definitely need a helicopter in order to see and admire them LOL,
    because from the street you have no luck…

  • Marua

    The picture you show of Charlie Sheen is not his house. That is the Maloof/Nassif house. Also, Raquel Welsh’s house now belongs Dr. Robert Rey of Dr. 90210.

  • kieran

    That bell acres house is rediculous id love to know more

  • Kyle

    According to this, the Hearst estate has been lowered down to $95 million: http://articles.latimes.com/2010/sep/21/business/la-fi-mansion-pricechop-20100921

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