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  • Daniel

    House #1 for me.

  • Russell

    Hey Kenny here are some other NC estates.

    Check out Birchfalls drive and around 2783 Lakeview drive Raleigh, NC. They are some really nice houses.

    • Kenny Forder

      okay, thanks Russell!

  • Lane

    Love #1, definitely my favorite home that I’ve found.

  • Al Robinson

    All nice mansions here. There are some nice homes in the Charlotte area. It’s makes me think of the question: Does anyone know where Michael Jordan’s place is in Charlotte? Surely he has a home there since he’s the majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats.

  • Dave T.

    #3 is Antoine Jameson’s house. Wife wanted to keep it when he got traded and he commutes. #4 was “Diamond Jim”‘s house, the Amway bigwig. Someone else lives there now. Jordan bought the penthouse at The Trust, a midrise condo in dowtown Charlotte.

    • Al Robinson

      Thanks Dave. I guess since Michael is building his colossal home in Jupiter, he’d just get a condo, that makes since.

      The Antoine Jameson that you just referred to, did you mean Antawn Jamison of the NBA?

      • Dave T.

        Yes, goofed the spelling.

        • Al Robinson

          Hey Dave, no worries my man. Even his own parents goofed the spelling of his name. They meant to name him Antwan not Antawn. Go figure.

          That’s cool though that that’s his home. Thanks for the info.

  • Iemand

    Don’t really like any of them. Some of the houses are put on bare land which will never look good. I don’t even like the location of home #2 being waterfront (which I almost always like).

    What are those 2 square things on the right on photo #11?

  • Nick

    Generally, all the mansions are nice.

    The 1st mansion has a very gorgeous exterior.

    The Irmo, SC mansion seems also wonderful.The back exterior looks promising.

    I also love the Waxhaw, NC mansion.

  • Alex

    Toured home #5 today — one of my friends is a relative of the owner. It is GORGEOUS inside and the pictures do not do it justice. There is also a guest house, garage with guest apt, and barn with living quarters on the property that you can’t really see from the pictures. It is directly across the street from House #4 (the Amway house). A great house!

  • Shannon

    Home #5 is James Worthy”s home. I live in this neighborhood. Does anyone know who lives in the #3. Just wondering. I drive by it everyday and its beautiful.

  • Jacquelyn Campo

    House #9 and #10 is Charlotte Mott’s house. My mom designed all of their house. I became friends with her son, but when my mom finished, we stopped being friends.

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