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  • Iemand

    Only thing I (kinda) like is the wood paneled room. The rest? Nope…

  • Daniel

    It isn’t bad for 1985, but considering its listed at $6.6 million, I would have expected some major updates to have been made. I don’t really see any. All the muted pastels give me a headache, kinda like taking a whiff of vanilla-scented Glade spray. Outside architecturally, it really doesn’t look 25 years old, but the pink needs to go pronto.

  • Lane

    There are a lot of really nice homes in Sea Island.
    Not a huge fan of this one though, mainly because of the pink exterior.

  • Stewie

    Is she related to Sam Zell by any chance, because that guy is seriously rich (on the Forbes 400)? Not too big a fan of this one, the thing I particularly dislike is that it’s PINK. I never understood why anyone would build a pink house, it’s so….ridiculous.

  • Grrrowler

    I actually like this house. The pink color is very common in Portugal, or former Portuguese colonies (like Macao) so it’s at least authentic to the style. I can appreciate a pink house when it’s architecturally correct. That said, I would change the outside to an ochre color, which is also common in traditional Portuguese architecture. Some of the interior details are great, especially some of the ceilings. I would definitely change out some of the colors inside and get rid of those pastels. The kitchen looks surprisingly good for a house this age, but it needs updating, and the bathrooms are way too dramatic for me. I think this could make a great vacation home with just a few changes. It’s also the only house I recall seeing on this site with a Thai spirit house standing outside of it. I happen to have a smaller, less ornate one in my front garden.

    • Grrrowler

      One thing I forgot to add…

      Kenny, you wrote “For a 25-year-old home, it’s gorgeous.” Well-done design, regardless of the style, should be timeless. While some things will always need updating over time (especially kitchens and bathrooms), good design and build quality should age well. This house shows that.

  • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

    +1 with Grrrowler.

    My family in India are not very far from the former Portuguese colony of Goa and this architecture is very well done in that style. The finish inside is impeccable – you can still see this kind of finish in some of the grand old homes in Goa and of course in Macau and in Portugal. Probably in Brazil as well.

    This particular house has interiors that remind me of one of the most beautiful houses in Goa – the 300 plus year old Menezes – Braganca house in Candor. The exterior is different but true to tradition. Whoever built this house did a very good job from what I can see.

  • Nick

    Unacceptable and extremely ugly mansion.The interior is an old mess.

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