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    So extravagant! I’d love to be an overnight guest there. And for all the criticism this is sure to garner, I do appreciate that it’s not just another Chateau-esque monstrosity in Plano, Texas.

    If you didn’t know (this is a single-family home), you’d never know.

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    Three words: Kensington Palace Gardens.

    At the end of the day, you can have the thickest carpet and plushest furnishings, but it’s still a townhouse, albeit a VERY nice one. The only place where I would pay this much to share walls is Monaco and nowhere else.

    I am happy that he decided to keep the inside neoclassical, and not some horrible white contemporary sh*thole. However, I doubt we will get to see any detailed pictures considering Mr. Abramovich’s penchant for privacy. All in all, I’d rather have his former yacht Ecstasea than this home.

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    I know I should not like him, but there is something about Abramovich that I just love.
    He is a baller on a whole nother level.
    From the multiple yachts to the palatial homes, it is almost like he is trying to see if he could possibly go broke and failing at it.
    I could only hope he is equally generous with the less fortunate, but seeing as he is Russian, I highly doubt it.
    He does seem like he would be fun to hang out with though.

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    Very Impressive

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    Al Robinson

    I guess I just don’t get it. It looks way too boxy, and stacked, even at 30,000 sq ft. I realize that’s how you have to build if you want a “flat” in London, but still. I guess I just prefer the more traditional “spread out” mansions of America.

    I think Roman himself is a cool dude like others have said, I agree with that.

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    I saw this earlier this week and I think it’s great. It will be an amazing house when it’s finished I’m sure.

    @Daniel: if you want to live in London but not live in a townhouse, you have very few options. Personally, I would gladly take some of the townhouses in London I’ve seen over many detached houses in other places. Also, you wouldn’t want Ecstasea; it has MAJOR vibration problems when the central waterjet is kicked in, and even Feadship can’t fix them. I’m dying to see the inside of Eclipse, which was also done by Disdale.

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      With $11 billion, blowing money is probably a task Roman MUST do every once in a while. I’d knock on Lakshmi Mittal’s door and offer him $250 million for his ‘Taj Mittal’. I knew his ‘house’ was spectacular, but I had no idea how incredible the stonework is! And I’m sure he’d throw in the Phantom for free:

      I love London, and if I had billions Kensington Palace Gardens would certainly be on my radar for a seasonal residence. The security and tranquility of the street is truly wonderful.

      As far as yachts are concerned, I have the same view that many people have of 30,000+ square-foot homes – after a certain point (perhaps 300 feet), it just becomes ludicrous. Eclipse really is impressive, but it should be used as a boutique cruise-ship. I could not fathom owning something so huge with an equally huge upkeep; Sydell Miller’s 80,000+ square-foot house is no problem for me, but a ship that size is a waste in my eyes. And I heard about the problems with Ecstasea’s turbine as well, but I still think it has one of the most beautiful profiles I have ever seen. Pelorus is also at the point where it is just too big, and I don’t think it is a very nice design inside or out. I’d prefer to have a boat that I could dock at my house, and Pelorus/Eclipse/Le Grand Bleu all require a port. My dream boat is the Mangusta 165. I love the size coupled with the sleek design and relatively quick top speed (37 knots):

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      Exactly, @Daniel, you cant live in London and not live in a townhouse …he is not in anyway shape or form settling for less. A townhouse would have been his first choice and he has land else where as well all know

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      To me a yacht shouldn’t be to big either. A yacht is meant to be a way to relax with easy access to the water. Being on a superyacht like mentioned here – which are more a cruiseship or something like that -doesn’t bring the joy I want.
      Give me a nice yacht up to 50 meters or so, and I’m perfectly happy.

      By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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    I hope we get to see some finished pics and clips when it’s close to completion. This guy seems to have tons of mega mansions.

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    Hey Guys……..Hope EVERY had a really good Christmas, and are in good health.
    I won’t even repeat my opinion on this “home”, ’cause I pretty damn sure you all know it. (Besides, I don’t feel like ranting & raving right now :-)

    The facade is historically, perfectly accurate & verrrry beautiful, but the entire interior plan is violently nauseating in it’s mind-boggling excess………..EXCEPT for the indoor pool. PERFECT for rainy, gray London.

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    Ademola wasiu

    Roman abramovich is my role model,I love your mansion kudos to you.

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    London is offered for luxury townhouse living, but I prefer life in wealthy suburbs like Oxshott,Epping and Surrey.This townhouse is great, but in stead of this I would prefer Peter Aven’s (another Russian billionaire) 30.000 sq.foot:

    Much better, eh?

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    Why does the home cost $230 million? The location of the real-estate, or the construction and craftsmanship…? Because a 30,000 square-foot home, even with a very plush interior, should not cost THAT much!!!

    That said, I love the sound of the interior design plans!

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      It’s worth $230 million, it doesn’t cost that much to build. Prices in that area of London are about $7,000 per square foot.

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    Get outta here! He’s a mafiosa…..Paris Hilton’s got more taste!

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    please i need to know who is the Real State Agency that help Roman Abramovich to find propertys

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    Kensington Palace Gardens is wonderful. If I had the money, I would definitely try to live on the street. But, I wouldn’t turn down a townhouse in many other areas either. One Hyde Park wouldn’t be my first choice, but Holland Park is lovely and the houses are much more reasonably sized than KPG.

    Personally, I love Pelorus both inside and out. The interiors of Pelorus and Ecstasea are actually very similar, although Pelorus has a LOT more volume. Both are based on the interior of Sussuro, which was built for the original owner of Pelorus. Unfortunately, docking Ecstasea behind your house would probably not be an option in all but a very few places. Finding a house with a 280′ dock is almost an impossibility. Me, I’d take Predator which is nice in that it has only three owner/guest staterooms, has a totally unique profile, and has its amazing Bannenberg (2nd generation) interior.

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    *Almost* impossible to find a home that has 280+ feet of deep-water dockage :D

    Now if only I could convince him to magically make the garage capacity 48 and not 18…


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