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  • Grrrowler

    The outside of this house is quite nice. The front is well balanced and the stone work looks good. I’m glad to see that a real slate tile roof was used, and that the stonework continues onto the back of the house. I love the interior stonework in the walls and arches, the ceiling trusses in the family room(?), and the entryway skylight is great. However, most of the inside is a decorating disaster. The various paint techniques are just too much, the furniture styles are all over the place, and the heavy curtains don’t help anything. In the dining room, the ceiling should be the highlight of the room, but it almost disappears after competing with all the other overdone elements in the room. All of the overly ornate and heavy chandeliers need to go, the wall treatments need to be toned down significantly, and the furniture all needs to be given away.

    Outside, I like the walled courtyard on the east side of the house; it looks like a great spot to have breakfast or a quite place to read. The pool area is also nice with and I think the parking/garage courtyard is nicely done. I also like the large second floor terrace that overlooks the pool.

  • John Burgdorf (North Texas Luxury)

    The community of Montserrat is top notch. Don and Gloria Siratt first bought the acreage to make into their own private ranch, just over 140 acres! Some friends visited and wanted to turn the land into a luxury residential development subdivision. The Siratts thought it would be a good idea and founded Montserrat. They have several children who have all built multi million dollar homes in the subdivision (family business, WDS Trucking) and still reside there today. I wrote a lot more on Montserrat at my article – ( http://hubpages.com/hub/Two-Luxurious-and-Exclusive-Gated-Communities-in-Fort-Worth-Texas-Montserrat-and-Mira-Vista ) if anyone is interested. It’s a great place to live in Fort Worth!

  • Venom

    I absolutely love this home and I think the price is fair.

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