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    John Burgdorf (North Texas Luxury)

    Love the stone exterior and spiral staircase. Nothing too stand-out about the home, pretty normal.

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    The exterior screams GA MCMANSION.The interior is better though.

    Overall it’s nothing special, despite some bright parts of the interior.

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    Nice place, but kind of generic.
    About 50 million homes look just like this.

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    I like it, and in the Atlanta market a pretty good price for the size of the home.

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    I like the panic/safe room. Probably find Jodie Foster cowering in it though…

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    I have to say that it’s a lot nicer than many houses we see on this site. It’s nothing special but it looks like it could end up being a very comfortable house. I see dozens of houses just like this (albeit slightly smaller) in Bellevue and other Seattle eastside suburbs.

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    Bryan in CLT

    I like the staircase and the fireplaces. On 1.2 acres so not right on top of your neighbor and a good price for the size and location.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    I like it. It’s big (for my standards) but doesn’t scream BIG. It looks rather good from the front. There are some things to think about though:
    – The library is a bit to dark, but is rather nice though.
    – I love the staircases
    – I guess the stairs on photo 17 is the one in the foyer; when you have a party thats going to generate a lot of noise to the rooms on the first/second floor.
    – From what I’ve read; a (real) saferoom should be accessible from the bedrooms in a real short time; when it’s located like this (in the basement; 1 or 2 floors below the bedrooms), you can’t reach the saferoom on time. And the room shouldn’t be noticed by anyone; if you don’t know the house has one, you shouldn’t see it.

    But I do like it, it’s one of the better ones I’ve seen here.

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    Nice house, but the subdivision is a ghost town and on the verge of foreclosure. The Golf course is up for sale too. I see values plummeting in the near future. There are two mandatory membership fees totalling over $6000 a year (with no golf), one for the HOA and one for the Club. There is also a $135 a month water fee.


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