Good news. There are finally more pictures, albeit small, of Tom Gerrard’s oceanfront mansion located at 1960 S Ocean Boulevard in Manalapan, FL. If you didn’t already know, Tom is the mayor of Manalapan. The estate measures a whopping 42,709 square feet which includes the main house, outdoor living spaces and garage space. It was built in 1989 and boasts 5 bedrooms and 12.5 bathrooms. Amenities include a home theater, billiards room, swimming pool with spa and more. It is listed at $35,900,000.


  • Swimmer

    I really like some of the interior elements. The grand foyer is beautiful, and I really like the billiard room. Even though the movie theater is designed differently, It would be really enjoyable to watch a movie without having to look over a taller persons head in front of you… The living/family room is nice although the color is much to cool or modern for this home. Others might have a different opinion but I personally can’t stand that kitchen. The design, color, and everything about it just doesn’t appeal to me.

    Some of the exterior elements are nice although it is really difficult to get your eyes past the four tall chimneys sticking up from the central tower.


  • Daniel

    Well, built in 1989 and it looks it. This home looks like it is hard to furnish well; it has a “Contemporannean” feel to it.

    Exterior: Although it is a tight lot, I do like the rear elevation. It reminds me of a mini Mar-a-Lago. Having driven by this home on countless occasions, I can say that it is VERY close to the road, more so than other homes directly on the intracoastal. Plus, the hedges and wall on A1A block nothing. Secondly, the direct intracoastal estates in Manalapan are notorious for one thing: EXTREMELY steep driveways. If you look through the other pictures on the listing or even on Birds-Eye, you can see how it drops down. I would not want to pull out my stick-shift Lamborghini or Ferrari and attempt to climb up and down the driveway. Otherwise, it is a pretty common S. Florida style home.

    Interior: Considering it is being sold furnished, I would have expected something more homogeneous throughout. Some of the furnishings look original to the house. I do like the main staircase, but even the marble used has that 80s feel to it. The most striking ‘time capsule’ room has to be the billiards room—I can just see Christian Bale’s character from American Psycho playing a game with Gordon Gekko (the gray power suits would be obligatory).

    Overall, it isn’t a bad home, it just needs something; not necessarily updating, but a whole new theme to it. Someone mentioned before that they wished the 80s/90s never happened to architecture, and I can agree with them. The home hasn’t aged well, and it will take a lot of money for it to look like a $35 million+ house. Speaking of which…that price is ridiculous. Several direct oceanfront homes in Manalapan are for sale, and although they aren’t 42,000+ square-feet, they are a MUCH better deal. Examples below:

    One of my favorite homes in Manalapan, listed for $19.5 million, and designed by Jeffrey W. Smith (YES PLEASE!):

    Although this home also needs a lot of help, it does have a HUGE lot. Tear it down or do a complete re-tailoring, but either way, you are saving money and getting a better view:

    Not exactly a ‘perfect’ home, but very workable:


  • grrrowler

    I like it a lot more than I expected to. The outside is nice enough; I like the tower. It’s nothing special and looks like a thousand other S. Florida mansions, but it’s not bad either. Inside, some elements look a little dated, but overall it looks very livable and comfortable. It could be made a lot more comfortable, and stylish, with the right decorator. My biggest problem with the house is that it doesn’t look like a $36,000,000 house. I realize location is a big part of that, but for the same money I’d rather have 3 different houses in different locations.


  • Nick

    PERFECTION at its best!!!!!!

    What an amazing estate!!Definitely this stunning mansion has to be one of my favorite mansions in FL.

    The exterior pics seem to me that are taken from an amateur photographer, otherwise I can’t explain why he didn’t zoom more on the exterior.I would describe it as beautiful, but pontentially could’ve been better.But for 1989 it’s pretty beautiful admittedly.

    While the exterior is not something to die for, it’s the awesome interior who makes the difference.The foyer is very impressive (the staircase is AMAZING!); the home theater room is appropriate for top notch entertainment;The billiard room is fantastic; The office is for a Mayor, thus it’s professional and very elegant;The living rooms are comfortable enough;

    Manalapan is my favorite town in the state of FL and this incredible mansion is its jewell.

    For all the amenities it gets 10/10 definitely.


  • Kieran

    I love how big it looks from the otherside of the chanel/waterway