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  • Stewie

    Beautiful modernist mansion. I like it a lot

  • Daniel

    Fantastic home. Only thing I would (ex)change is some of the brown/chocolate tones for something different, perhaps some reds or blues. I would probably also replace the floor in the foyer and living room with some while veined marble.

    Overall, a very nice home with a great location far enough from hectic Miami Beach but still very desirable.

  • Iemand

    Great one. I guess the location is half the price because look at it; imagine waking up in the morning and be able to walk straight up the beach, LOVE IT.

    But I don’t think the brown/chocolate tones should be replaced. It gives a strong, basic feel about it and makes it a “warm” home.
    The theater looks very good, finally not a cinema with al the fake gold/red stuff.

    I don’t know about the exterior, it may be a bit of this and a bit of that (maybe put one strong color in it – like black – that would give it a bit of contrast without ruining the modern look, it will probably even make it more stronger)
    but who cares. When I would be (living) there, I would focus as much of my time just on the beach. I love those last 3 photo’s!

    When can I move in? 😛
    I would change the weather here (we’re in the time when the snow is melting; most dreadfull weather you can imagine) for the weather there in Florida!

  • Grrrowler

    Beautiful house. The outside is rather uninspired, but the location is beautiful. The infinity-edged pool practically right on the beach is wonderful. I love the interior. This is my idea of modern design with lots of natural materials, woods to help warm it up, and lots of textures. I like the limestone floors and prefer them to marble; they’re less cold looking and also keep things from feeling overly formal. I’m not overly fond of the kitchen. It resembles an office cubicle farm to me, but that could be easily changed. The theater is great since it looks like a very comfortable place to kick back and spend a couple or more hours. Overall, the interior is really only missing some additional appropriate art work to finish it off.

  • Nalin

    Amazing. This is a contemporary house I would actually like to live in. Its like a really nice hotel, but still retains some personable traits

  • Jon

    this is my favorite home i have seen on this site. I agree with Growler on the limestone and that the kitchen isnt amazing and lemand that the exterior could use a touch of contrast, but overall i think the pool and the beach being your back yard makes up for it. Great home, I love modern homes and this one is definitely one of my favorites

  • Nick

    I think that it’s a nice waterfront mansion with beautiful interior.The only rooms I don’t like are the bedrooms.Where is the imagination in the design?

  • Venom

    Magnificent home.
    100% perfect.
    Where do I sign?

  • Marie

    Beautiful home, some of the furniture is a bit much for my taste, so I’d redo some of the interior, the exterior though is incredibly beautiful.

  • Mak

    Not a fan of modern homes like this. Maybe its the furnishings, but it doesn’t look comfortable.

    I would worry about the pool being filled with sand during any kind of ocean storm, or even during an abnormally high tide.

  • Tigurinn

    This is hideous

  • jay

    18m he is dreaming!!!!! ….more like 13m

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