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  • Iemand

    Like it. It is very “woodish” but maybe you just have to see the appeal of that.
    I think it will look even better covered in snow.
    This can be one of my homes for the ski season 😛

  • Mak

    Love this! The detailing is wonderful!

  • Daniel

    Not bad at all. Two things I would change, the first being the porte-cochere. It is missing something. The two supporting beams and the stone base seem too thin. It just looks a bit weird for me. The second thing I would change is the beams in the kitchen. They are way too powerful and bold and take up what seems like a lot of space.

    Overall, a nice retreat. The price doesn’t seem overly high considering the apparent quality and size of the home. I would have preferred Telluride or Aspen, but then again, I’d be paying 3, 4, 5, or even 6 times the price…

  • KEV

    Great home and square footage for that price. Makes me think they are losing money, but maybe things were that much cheaper in 2001. All that wood and beam work has to cost a ton.

  • Grrrowler

    First off, the listing says that it’s being restored to it’s former glory. Why does a 9 year house need to be restored?!

    Anyway, lodge architecture is one of my favorite styles and this is a beautiful example. I usually prefer round or D-log styles but the square-cut logs works for this house. As Daniel said, the vertical posts in the kitchen are a little overpowering. It looks like they’re designed to delineate the dining room but they do take up too much space. Beyond that, I love the house. I would just prefer it in Vail or Beaver Creek.

    • Mak

      While they might look overpowering in the pics, I bet the posts look incredible in person. I would love to see more of the kitchen though. I think they’re used very effectively throughout the house (both inside and out) as a design element to effectively tie it all together.

      • Grrrowler

        I’m guessing you’re right that the pic of the kitchen makes it looks more compressed than it really is. I also would like to see more of the kitchen.

  • Marcus

    I love this style of house. I like all the wood and stone and warm colors.

    This house was designed by Michael Upwall of Upwall Design Architects for football star Steve Young. Upwall Designs also did Ski Magazine’s Dream Home in Park City UT. Their website has 100’s of pictures of some of the most spectacular homes I have ever seen.


    This Home is under Current Projects, Picture 85 and 93 and under Publications Pictures 34-39

    • Iemand

      Wow, nice site man! Great pictures and great looking houses there!

    • Venom

      These guys are gods.
      I am humbled.
      Stunning work.

    • Nick

      Bravo! Spectacular pics!!!

  • Dave

    Great house in a great location. If you’re a true skier or snowboarder you know that this is the place to go because of the light, fluffy snow. If you want more glitz or glam have it in Vail or Aspen. Then again, Deer Valley, Utah has been ranked the #1 ski resort in America the last 3 years.

  • Venom

    This house is phenomenal.
    The detail work is amazing.
    Dare I say I think this house might actually be underpriced.

  • Hayley

    I had the pleasure of walking through this home when it was an entry in the ’02 Parade of Homes. This house was built for Steve Young, and from what the attendants told me- his wife hated it, so they never moved in and it sold to whoever is selling it now. There was an entire corridor just covered in photographs of him playing ball.

    One thing the ad doesn’t mention- back in ’02 (not sure if it’s still in there), there was a massive twisty tube slide that went down all three floors. They wouldn’t let us slide down it.

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