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  • Daniel

    And yet another tacky faux-palace at a ridiculously high price. The exterior is almost barren compared to the interior. Inside it really is just to show off your rubles. The only details I like is the floor in the dining room and the hall (photo 7) – it is extremely beautiful. The theater and pool aren’t bad as well (although the theater seems odd with the seating behind the ?bookcases?)

    $25 million? I guess they just liked the ring it has. While this isn’t the worst Russian home I have seen, I don’t think I can recall ever seeing anything in Russia that was classical without being tacky.

    • Siobhan

      It really is the faux-palace business that rubs me the wrong way. It’s like Disney Land. Full of replicas and devoid of authenticity. What stories do the parents tell their children who live in these homes? “Look, honey, this vase came from a department store where some interior designer picked it out because it matches our pillows.”

      • Daniel

        I personally don’t have a problem giving an interior designer carte-blanche to do whatever he/she desires, but I hate how EVERY SINGLE ONE of these faux Russian palaces looks so overtly materialistic. It all just comes off as classless and unnecessarily formal. I love bold, opulent and gilded design schemes, but it’s always the same ugly exterior, all bunched up, and the unnecessarily shiny gold interior. I’m really starting to think the mindset for a Russian oligarch is shiny = да, not shiny = нет.

        • Siobhan

          If the designer had carte-blanche in my remodel, then he or she would just have to start with all the objects I’ve accumulated that have sentimental value. And I’m not a candidate for Hoarders – but what about framed family photos, etc. I suppose it’s possible these homes just LOOK devoid of authenticity because they’re staged for sale.

          The exterior, which I just glanced past on my first view, does look really bunched up. It looks tight – like it’s been working at a laptop for too long and needs a shoulder massage.

  • Siobhan

    Thought it’s certainly not my style, I can appreciate the craftsmanship in the amazing wood flooring and tile work.

    But is that the kitchen (photo 5)? They must have forgotten to cover that long wall on the left with tacky metallic wallpaper.

  • Grrrowler

    There’s a saying: “A good artist knows when to stop.” Clearly a good artist was not involved with this project.

    This style of house seems popular with a certain segment of the Russian population, considering how many of these you can find online. So, there’s obviously a market for the style. All I can say is that I hope the owners are very happy with their houses, because I think they’re hideous.

  • organbrett

    This shouldn’t have been the first thing I looked at this morning! My eyes now need rinsing with cool ice water! I agree with all the above posts – about all I can add is, the wallpaper in the bedroom is nice! (When that’s the only nice thing you have to say about a home – that’s pathetic!) A few of the rooms look okay (bathroom & theatre) until you study them closely and realize what should have been done to make it correct. Even the room the indoor swimming pool is in, I would have preferred a rectangular room to make it more classic in style. The outside entrance has a little roof/overhang that almost makes one think of the early Paris Metro sign designed by Hector Auinard for the Abbesses station (in the Art Nouveau style):


  • TEE

    ugg. russians should not be allowed to build houses…..

  • Cole@LavishProperty

    I don’t like it at all, totally cheesey. I cannot say anything positive about the place, except that I do like indoor swimming pools.

  • Iemand

    Blegh, just threw up a little.

  • Venom

    Opulence, I has it.
    This is horrid.

  • Marie

    Totally overkill, what were they thinking.

  • Nalin

    very cheesy and overdone. so much potential was lost in this one

  • vlad

    I have seen many overly-gorgeous mansions in Russia. Unlike this monstrosity, they are all finely detailed and designed with the highest quality materials available. Then, in the early 2000s, it all went downhill. People started to over do everything. These kinds of houses give Russian real estate a bad name.

  • joanne

    wow! you guys are such haters! wow! let us see a picture of your mansion…

  • Nick

    The home theater is surprisibgly nice and looks very cool.It’s the only room that deserves attention.The rest of the house is gaudy garbage.

    I have seen other mansions from this architectural firm and I wonder why they are continue to call themselves architects…

    • Oliver

      There definitely no denying the quality and craftsmanship that went into this home no matter how overdone. And i find it hard to believe that you think that the only room deserving attention is the home theatre….?? its an accoustical nightmare, its not dark, and the seats are behind some fake looking protruding bookcases??? hands down the dumbest theatre ive ever seen. Congrats, you love it. After looking at all the moldings and FLOORWORK you pick the shitty home theatre? Nice home but def a little overdone.

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