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  • CincyRob

    Great house. Decent location. Love the kitchen besides the little red island that could. Love the interior but the furniture could be on the same level as the home’s design.

  • Grrrowler

    Oh…it’s terribly unbalanced from the outside. it wants to be a castle, and a mountain chalet, and a country house…and it ends up being none of them very well. Looking at the position on the lot, there is plenty of room to put those garage doors off to the side; why the designer didn’t I can’t imagine.

    While I know the inside isn’t fully decorated (or even finished), it just looks very cold and unwelcoming. I can’t imagine sitting in that great room space and feeling the least bit cozy or comfortable. The library/den flat out gives me the shivers thinking of being in there, and it’s not because of the snow outside the window. Even the family room doesn’t look welcoming and the red ceiling in the breakfast nook doesn’t help. The bedrooms upstairs aren’t much better.

    It looks like this is the largest house in the area, and the neighborhood seems to contain mostly unremarkable houses otherwise. This house sits right next to a commercial building of some type, which is a huge black mark against any house in this price range.

    • Mak

      Completely agree. There’s lots of mish mash going on here. Take a look in the kitchen. The Island doesn’t look like it belongs at all. You have contemporary windows, along with french provincial mixed together. Another example is the fireplace treatments; all of which are from different periods. It just doesn’t work.

      • Mak

        One other thing…I think the builder must have gotten into financial trouble with this house.

  • Daniel

    Outside is pretty ugly and has no flow; the two-story circular window and the slim, almost prison-like windows on the right hand side compete with each other terribly. The rear seems unfinished.

    I don’t mind the inside. The entrance foyer columns need to go and the living room fireplace is too huge/plain, but I like the openness and materials used. I’m not too fond of the formal dining area being in the same space as the living area; it should have had its own space. The kitchen cabinetry is too bold and those chandeliers are too frilly.

    For the asking price it doesn’t seem too horrible. I do like the fact that it has a 15-car garage though.

  • Iemand

    Kenny, that ‘mansion of the day’ of december 25 is quite something! 😛

  • Tamara

    The home has some nice features but I couldn’t get past the ridiculous little pot on the little table in the entry or the antique baby carriage. Why the $%^& would someone put those in that type of home?

  • Cole@LavishProperty

    I like this one a lot. Tasteful interior, great location, and a fair price considering what I just said and the amount of square footage.

  • Marie

    I think the house looks nice enough for Utah, the price is very good in terms of being able to get alot of house and continue to upgrade it. My biggest drawback as others have said, the exterior could have been magnificent had they stuck to one design and not mixed it up.

  • Senergydc

    I live in Utah and the houses here are beautiful , but I have to be honest I do not like this home, it was foreclosed and unfinished for about a year and someone came in and tried to fix it, even now the yard is unfinished and it’s right on a busy street. The builder abviously wanted people to see this before the owners got kicked out.

  • Rocco

    The layout isn’t bad and I actually like the french doors between the dining room and kitchen; that being said, this house is bi-polar, it’s either mixture of overly ornate or bland builders grade. The exterior is hideous!

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