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  • Bryan in CLT

    I thought $1.5MM was low until I saw the kitchen. I’ve got nicer appliances in my house where that definitely keeps it out of the high dollar tier of homes.

  • Daniel

    I suppose the only compliment I can give is that there is a lot worse you can do. It is cheap, and I think it may be hard to replicate for the price. Pool is nice…

  • Venom

    That is dirt cheap.
    Not bad.

  • Mak

    Does he still live there? If there weren’t clothing hanging in the closets, I would swear someone did a cheap staging job.

    That big ole basketball court must feel very lonely most of the time.

    • Daniel

      That’s what I was thinking (about the basketball court). I wonder if they keep it air-conditioned when it is not in use. If they do, I would hate to see that electrical bill. If they don’t, then it shouldn’t have been built in the first place. I’m sure you could play outside for *most* of the year.

  • Andy

    It is cheap due to this area of town; it may be even expensive for this area. It is very run down section of town. If you pull some comps or look at the surrounding area, it is high crime and drugs. Starting 15 years ago property values started to drop fast. I know some Lithonia folks who had their house on the market for years and had to cut the price almost in half to sell it as the price dropped with the market. Nobody wants to live there. I think this house was at one point listed for $2.5 or so. You MLS folks may be able to pull the history of it. I cant tell you how bad an area of town this is.

  • Nick

    The exterior looks cheap.The interior is not something special but it’s warm, friendly
    and livable, which is very important.Also, the basketball court is wonderful.The price is considered cheap despite the location.

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  • jerome pinckney

    The price dropped to $695,000.00, if it drops any further, I will have to consider putting in an offer to buy.

  • jerome pinckney

    It’s a huge home and would accommodate a rather large family, but also a retiree who wants a lots of space.

  • Mrs. Pinckney

    Some people are all about status. Never think about the big picture. A retiree that wants a lot of space to what, fill with clutter for someone else to clean…
    Brother get ya mind right, be your age, most of all pay attention, did you read any of the reviews??? and stop coveting T.O. Let the church say amen!!!


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