This beautiful newly built villa is located at 6003 N Saguaro Road in Paradise Valley, AZ. It boasts over 8,200 square feet of living space with 5 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms. The interior is stylish and elegant and the grounds and outdoor spaces are magnificent. It is listed at $5,995,000. The only thing I don’t like is the master bathroom….way too much marble.


Nestled in Paradise Valley, this villa was designed by Christy Waring, and finished with the finest in terms of quality, taste, and sophistication, while seamlessly offering every possible modern amenity. White glove maintenance resounds throughout, and design details by Vallone Interiors make this home a superlative showpiece. No expense was spared in crafting custom windows, doors, cabinetry, bookshelves, and 8 fireplaces. From the imported elements to the Cashmere-padded walls to the Mother-of-Pearl pool and spa, the new owner will find opulence throughout. Dwell amidst Pool-side Cabanas, Sheryl Wagner hardware, and Waterworks Carrrara Marble. No reproductions found here, only originals!


  • Grrrowler

    The interior looks like it was at least touched by a professional decorator, but it’s just not my style. However, it does look comfortable and well thought out. It’s nice to see a house that’s been done up by someone who seems to know what they’re doing, as opposed to the builder/owner/staging company. I’m not sure about the art deco-ish marble and mirror bathroom, although it would work in a different location (think New York penthouse). The dining room table needs to be turned 90 degrees so that it fits the room!

    The outside is boring to a fault. The covered outdoor spaces are nice, but they’re also boring. Everything resembles a resort more than a home. As with other houses we’ve discussed here, the very worst thing about it is that it’s in AZ.


    • John L.

      The interior design is by Vallone Design, one of the best interior decorators in Arizona.

      I love this house. The interior, the exterior. The master bathroom is crazy but fun at the same time. I love all of the exterior fireplaces and fountains.


  • Daniel

    Overall it isn’t bad. Like Grrrowler said, it is a bit boring. I understand the owners were probably going for a casually elegant look, but a lot of the furniture and accessories still scream “Don’t touch me.” Don’t really like the cold grey color scheme in the master bedroom. And that master bath is screaming for someone to do a kilo of coke in it…

    Overall, price ain’t bad but it isn’t for me, the home or the location.


  • Cole

    The interior does not look like it belongs in Arizona. I prefer warmer colors and yes, I agree, the bathroom has way too much marble.


  • Marie

    Is it me or the state of Arizona seems to be having plenty of mansions being built brand new these days


  • Iemand

    Well, there are (again) some things I like and some things I don’t like.
    – The livingroom: keep the furniture and I like it. Except the chandelier; it doesn’t fit with the rest.
    – Diningroom: burn that dressoir thing and some better curtains.
    (Grrrowler about turning that table; if you look at picture 8, there might be some sort of area you walk trough, so maybe this is a good solution so the table isn’t a obstacle)
    – Kitchen: I like it.
    – I have no idea what the room on picture 10 is suppossed to be but I like it.
    – Bedroom on picture 14 is perfect. Except the big-ass tv. (Later more about that)
    – The poolhouse/guestroom(?): Great! Imagine you’re a guest and you wake up in the morning and you can take a swim straight out of your room!
    – Pool area is great with the trees, the poolhouse and grass and everything.

    Don’t like:
    – Master bedroom: if they used better colors it would have looked great. Now not so much. And why that big-ass fireplace in that (relativaly) small room? Put it to the wall.
    – The well known bathroom; was Stevie Wonder the decorater? Man what was he/she thinking. And why put those tv’s there? The whole room almost made me punch a dog/sick.
    – The gym: way to many mirrors. Looks very crowded.

    Some general opinions:
    I think this home has some real potential but it has some (major) black spots. At least that bathroom has to be redecorated.
    I do like al the big windows and french doors; you can leave them open and walk in and out, bring in sunlight and they look great. Love that.
    And they sure like to watch tv don’t they? Although it’s great to watch some tv, those large plasma/lcd/led tv’s are killing the design.


  • Venom

    I like it, other than being in Arizona, it is really nice.

    And Iemand I was just discussing that with my mother yesterday how many of these nice homes just look terrible with these flat screens hanging off the walls.
    Nothing worse than having a nice home that is in an old world style and then it has a modern cold flat screen just hanging off the wall.
    At least get some sort of surround made that makes the TV blend in.

    One of my friends has a beautiful home, French Country style with gorgeous chandeliers, four poster beds etc and then in the master there is a hideous giant flat screen hanging off of the wall.


  • Nalin

    that is some seriously stylish living


  • Mark

    I think it’s a bit odd the style.. There is too many styles going on here, we have art-deco/old Hollywood, french country, southwestern, north eastern colonial.. they should have stuck with southwestern.. that’s why homes are hard to sell like this because its too custom.. I love marble but I’m not in Washington DC or in a old Mausoleum where it make sense, that’s just too much marble and crystal chandeliers look bad in a southwestern homes unless it’s rustic.. The furnishings are nice in this home just not the right style for this home. higher Candice Olsen to do the job..


  • Architect 121

    The kitchen is almost identical in finishes as mine is. We have the same refrigerator, stove, and a similar vent hood. We also have the white cabinets with black countertops, and the black with white marble on the island. I like the rest of the home, but some changes could be made.