This post is brought to you by John Burgdorf from North Texas Luxury

This magnificent property located at 50 Picadilly Park boasts calm living with a gracious atmosphere. Situated on just over 4 acres, this traditional estate has the simple elegance only found in Stonebriar Creek estates.

A private lake, creek, and green pastures are all located within the estate grounds; hence, the pristine traditional architecture of the home flows very well with the outer green countryside. A simple stoned gate gives way to a veering driveway which leads to the main entrance of the home. Clean-cut shrubs, landscaping, and a fountain are located just in front of the porte cochere creating a homely arrival. The driveway then leads to a 4 car garage. The backyard is where the fun happens. A walkway from the main home leads to a tree and rock lined sparkling pool with rock waterfalls. A balcony, which also holds a gazebo, overlooks the surrounding grounds which includes lakes and countryside. On the first level near the porte cochere, another perch overlooks the estate’s lake and front grounds. Oh yes, and can’t forget about the sand volleyball court in the back!

The 10,540 sq. foot main home was built in 1991 and has a total 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Each room is crafted and trimmed with wood trimmings creating a tranquil and ranch feel to the interior. A wood and red carpet staircase leads to the second story. An open dining room with marble pillars is situated just across from the main foyer. Other interior amenities include a large open living room, dining room with adjoining kitchen, an office with large windows and wood trimmings, game room, state of the art media theatre room with soda machine and bar, master bed and bath with 4 bedrooms located upstairs.

As a real estate enthusiast, I can honestly say I love everything about this home. I hope you do too!

Again, the address of this home is 50 Picadilly Park in Frisco, Texas. The listing price is $3,250,000. Your paradise awaits!


  • Daniel


    Well, I’ll start off on the positive by saying you could do A LOT worse for the price in Texas, especially considering the home was built in 1991. That’s about the only compliment I can give this place.

    Exterior: Why is that porte-cochere so damn big? Planning to park a Greyhound bus underneath it? Pool is nice, although the palm tree looks a little out of place. I do like the volleyball court…if you showed me only that picture I would have thought it was a public park.

    Interior: For 1991, the openness ain’t bad. I do like some of the faux-finishing used as well. Could they have hung the dining room chandelier any lower? Kitchen is obviously original and VERY small…and that awful wood flooring looks like it has two inches of wax buildup on it. Photo 7 out of 12 looks like an optical illusion…anyone else see it? That little alcove just seems fake somehow.

    Overall, it isn’t atrocious, it just isn’t nice.


  • Cole

    Amazing pool! I also love the foyer, just beautiful!


  • Grrrowler

    That can’t be THE kitchen in a 10,000 square foot $3,000,000 house. It looks more like a wet bar than the main kitchen. It’s so small it’s embarrassing. The staircase is straight out of Poltergeist, and is almost as scary. It looks like the access to the stairway from the upper floor is via a catwalk kind of thing. That’s just weird. The porte cochere looks very much like an afterthought. It makes the front look like the entrance to a Comfort Inn.