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  • Grrrowler

    It looks like a very comfortable house. It’s not got lots of things designed to wow guests, but not every house needs that. It looks like a house that is designed to be lived in. I would change some of the interior details, but there’s probably no existing house on earth in which that isn’t the case for me. I hate white kitchens, but the layout of this one is actually quite good. The massing of the rear facade is kind of jumbled and a new owner would benefit by bringing in some more mature landscaping.

  • Daniel

    Exterior is disgusting. I almost wish the garages were on the front of the house. Interior for the most part is nice. Entrance foyer is a little cramped and oddly shaped; the stone on the fireplace in photo 7 is nasty; master-bathroom is also very cramped. Great backyard to roll around in – how about a pool or some trees? Price ain’t bad…any money that would be knocked off the asking price should be used to redo to exterior.

  • Swimmer

    Nice house, I like many of the interior elements although I don’t like the exterior. But since it is around the same price… wouldn’t we all prefer the medieval castle in the previous post over this one 🙂

  • imerma

    Whose the builder????

  • Barney

    This place has all the originality, style and appeal of a brown paper bag.

    Utterly forgettable, and I totally agree with you guys regarding the exterior….it literally looks like it’s unfinished, undirected and with all the “flavor” of a room temperature, wet washcloth. Looks like a lonely summer house that no one put ANY thought or consideration into while designing it.

  • Tay

    I actually kind of like it… Something about the front facade? But it would need some fixing too…

  • Nick

    Too typical to be exceptional or special, it’s a classic CT house with this -boring sometimes- type of exterior.


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