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  • Daniel

    Ahhh yes. Another home that has a completely different interior style than the exterior. Honestly, why is it so hard to have something that is congruent throughout the ENTIRE house? The interior of this house does not have a single element that would be found in a Spanish/Mediterranean home. Either way, the interior and exterior are both too plain for me. The stairway is nice with the two-story wall of windows, as well as the two big trees in the front yard. Back yard looks like it could be in a 55+ cookie-cutter community in Boynton Beach. Pity, as it seems they have designed some very nice homes. This sadly isn’t one of them.

    • Barney

      i hear you loud & clear about this house, Dan. However, I can’t really state any of my opinions ’cause there’s UNBELIEVABLY ONLY 8 pictures of this place! Plainly that is unforgivable in this day, age and TECHNOLOGY! Even worse, there are ONLY these 8 pics on the Realtor’s website, that DO NOT enlarge?! I’ve been told repeatedly that I’m a very good amateur photographer, and am getting my real estate photo business off the ground, and I find this ridiculous.

      And btw, check my out my response to the passionate post from yourself, a few entries below, regarding the beautiful Canadian estate……you’ll get a BIG kick out of it! Get back to me if you can 🙂

      • Daniel

        I saw and was happy that we finally can agree on something. Now if only I can get you to like a home that is in excess of 20,000 square-feet *without* calling it insane/ridiculous/pointless/assinine, etc…

        • Barney

          Well, I can tell ya’ right now that’s NOT gonna’ happen. Unless the owner TRULY does have 6 or more kids 😉 Buuuuut, we’re in agreement again about the house in Boca……GORgeous. And it doesn’t look like a 1985 leftover to me, either. GOOD JOB! I’m gettin’ DIZZY here ’cause of all the “agreeing” we’ve been doin’ lately. I’ll have to post a link to a few extremely well done mid-centuries here to see what you think of them.

      • Daniel

        And actually, I do have a nearly all-white house that I do love. Only 5 minutes from where I live too…


      • organbrett

        Barney – I totally agree with you. There is ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSE in this day and time to have PHOTOS THE SIZE OF A POSTAGE STAMP! If I was still practicing real estate, you can bet I’d take my digital camera out to the listing and take the BEST HIGH QUALITY MP photos that I could & post them to a web page & at least 20 – 25 on the MLS listing.

        It’s interesting that Sharif & Munir always post high quality photos to their web page when they have designed the home, apparently the agent can’t use these? Or are they too dumb – this is aften the case. Even these high end Palm Beach listings at premier estate properties uses postage stamp pictures. It infuriates me!!!

  • Nick

    Albeit it’s not something truly exceptional or special, this “charming” -but small for my taste- mediterranean mansion has a wonderful interior, which is well designed if you omit the 6th picture.This type of exterior can be seen quite often in Dallas, thus it’s the interior who forms your opinion with regards to this beautiful estate.

  • Grrrowler

    Oh, I just don’t care for this. As Daniel said, the exterior and interior don’t match. I guess the exterior design is just a covering to put on the house, not an actual design style carried throughout the house to create an aesthetic experience. The staircase is the only thing I like about this place.

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