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  • Venom

    Holy crap this is cheap.
    That price can’t be right.
    Beautiful home.

    This house is proof that people in other states are getting seriously ripped off by their builders and developers.

  • Nick

    The exterior is beautiful, but the location and the interior are not…The price is justified from every aspect.

  • Chance

    Personally I love this house, exterior and interior are both really nice IMO. As Venom said, the price is very cheap for what you’re getting, but the location is the reason for that.

    • Marie

      I love it too, and nice price for what you are getting.

  • Daniel

    Wow, it really does look like a bargain, even though the house isn’t perfect. Exterior isn’t bad. Interior also as a whole isn’t terrible. There are some obvious places where the builder/architect didn’t know what they were doing, such as in the dining room with the odd triangular shaped ceiling or that downright scary master bathroom.

    Just one question…Where the heck is Mclendon Chisholm?

    • george

      It is by Heath Texas, which is just to the west of Dallas. It is actually a very nice place to live and raise a family.

      • george

        I ment to say east of dallas.

  • Grrrowler

    I don’t care for this at all. The exterior is way too kitschy for me. With a roof that massive, the builder should have used slate shingle instead of composition shingle. It would look a lot better. The roof over the garage area is overly complicated, plus I hate that the garages face the front the house.

    As for the interior, it looks like there was an attempt at a Gothic theme, but it doesn’t work. The architect clearly didn’t do his/her homework to study up on what Gothic should be. It’s not even a modern interpretation of the style; it’s random elements stuck here and there that are supposed to be turn it into Gothic. There’s not a single room I care for in this place.

  • Mak

    I’m in complete agreement with Grrrowler. Its a mish mash design along with so so execution. The crazy shaped rooms make for a designers nightmare in that nothing fits correctly.

  • mattc

    Folks, anyway you slice it…a lot of home for the money.
    Lots of bargains in Texas these days it seems.
    Sure it could use a few tweeks architecturally, but it’s under 2 milllion bucks.
    Even in this challenging economy, a deal for sure.

    • Grrrowler

      It IS a lot of house for the money, but I’ve seen houses for the same price in/around Seattle that I would MUCH rather have. Yes, they’re smaller, but they’re also much nicer, and in what I consider a nicer part of the world.

  • organbrett

    I like the exterior, even their attempt to “hide” the garage doors with pass through doors. (I’ve never seen this before – not as good as rear doors, but o.k.) When I look at the living room, I shudder. Grrrowler is right. Those hideous columns with tiny tiles would have to go! They should have just done the Gothic arches on either side of the fireplace & let it be. Way too overdone!

  • amy

    does anyone know who the builder of this home is. Its a new home its getting lots of attention and no information on the builder??? Would love to see the floor plan
    thanks if anyone knows

  • Jack

    The builder of this home is Westchester Homes, LLC – 214-762-5086

  • Mike

    Did Westchester design the home as well? If not, does anyone know who the home designer or architect was?

  • Teddi

    I’m not a fan of homes that have a grown up Magic Kingdom vibe.

    I don’t get that triangular overhang or whatever it is in the dining room. Whatever it’s meant to be doing, it’s really distracting.

    I like the columns. Not these per se, but the idea. The glass tile on it clashed with the room but I like the fact that they did something different with the columns instead of the usual.

    I also feel that in a mansion, there should be at least the same number of bathrooms to bedrooms. If you’re in a mansion there should be no reason to share bathrooms with anyone. The bathroom is the one room in the house I detest sharing.

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