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  • Bryan in CLT

    The setting of this house is spectacular. Love the views and very warm building materials that lend themselves to the site. Having a 3 bedroom guest house is ideal in my eyes too.

  • tony

    This is a really cool house in my opinion. And 14,000 ft is about as large as I’d want to go as a matter of practicality. But I think it’s worth about half of the listed price.

    • Bryan in CLT

      Everyone gets caught up in builder bigger, but I agree 100% with you. Once you hit 10,000sqft you are already looking at a big home. My parents have friends with a ~12,000sqft main house and ~1,500sqft guest house on ~5 acres in one of Charlotte’s most expensive gated communities on Quail County Club where they host the local PGA event. You feel like you need to leave bread crumbs to not lose your way.

      The uncle of a coworker is the retired CFO of a Fortune 100 company with a ~30,000sqft home where while this seems tacky I guess is a good idea that they have maps available to party guests of the house and grounds.

  • Nalin

    very cool. nice mix of style

  • Grrrowler

    I really like this house. I like Pueblo-style architecture and I love this modern take on it. It’s contemporary but also comfortable looking and livable. I like the layout too, although there a few things I would tweak. The guest room should be accessible other than through the library, and the butler’s pantry should be closer to the kitchen work area. Otherwise, I think it’s an interesting layout. I really appreciate that the master suite is separate from the rest of the bedrooms and that every principle room opens to the outside. Plus, Santa Fe is beautiful practically year round.

    As for the price, I don’t know enough about the Santa Fe market to know if it’s priced well or not. Out of the $10,000,000+ houses currently for sale in the area, it’s by far the nicest.

  • Marie

    Everyone else has pretty much summed up my views 🙂

  • Nick

    It’s the best and most beautiful mansion I have ever seen in the state of NM.

    • Cole

      Same. Very nice home.

  • Architect 121

    The home is nice overall, but I can’t figure out the need for a door from the hall into the master closet, and the exercise room is WAY too small IMO. Otherwise it is a very nice home.

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