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  • Daniel

    Wow. Even lower than the $5-$6 million I thought it would go for. I suppose it’s a good deal if you like the area. That old adage about location still holds true.

  • Grrrowler

    It’s definitely a good deal if you like the area, or have to live there. Certainly no one would choose the outskirts of Indianapolis for a summer or vacation home. The fact that LOP has offices in Corydon, IN makes it a good thing for Lucas I’m sure. I still don’t like the house very well…

    • Stewie

      Indianapolis is not meant to be a summer resort town though. This is a huge, secluded home in a good, safe area close to a relatively big city. The guy got a steal for sure, especially as he lives and works in Indy. And he probably has a mansion in Florida somewhere where he vacations like a lot of other rich people from the MidWest

  • Venom

    Wow, that is ridiculously cheap.

  • Orlando

    the lap pool in the master suite and that sports barn… thats a sweet a$$ deal!!!!!!!

  • mattc

    Forest Lucas says he plans to use it to entertain clients and host community events…. Makes sense as the Colts home field is the Lucas Oil Stadium and with his profile they would have many occasions to do so. Funny comment in the local Indy paper by a guy said ” Former Hilbert Mansion built by egomaniac who named Pacers home basketball arena after his company, Conseco Fieldhouse, is aquired by another egomaniac who named the new Lucas Oil Stadium after his company as well !” Truth be told there is some logic to that; however, Forest got a much better deal at 3 million than Hilbert did at the original cost to construct of 30 million 15 years ago.

  • Swimmer

    Wow! What an amazing deal!!!

  • Stewie

    Wow. That guy must be laughing all the way to the bank. Best real estate deal I’ve heard of in ages. 3 million for a 25,000 sq ft mansion on many acres – yes please!

  • brian

    Not such a good deal if you look at the home inspection……just sayin.

  • Barney

    Hey Guys……….YET ANOTHER ABSURD EXAMPLE of the ETERNAL AND PSYCHOTIC GREED & EGOMANIA OF MEN!!! (Yeah, yeah…..women can be the same too, but NOT with ANYWHERE NEAR the INSANE FEROCITY and DAILY FREQUENCY as men). As I always have, do & will say about any ridiculously gargantuan “home” like this, I guaran-damn-tee ya’ that the former & new ownwer has never/will NEVER truly & fully use every room in this house on a legitimately regular basis, all at the same time. But, I do totally agree with all of you that Lucas got an IN-FREAKIN’-CREDIBLE deal……in my mind, that’s what a house of that size should REALLY & ACCURATELY be worth. No “single family house”is worth 10/20/30/40/and upwards MILLIONS of dollars, UNLESS, MAYBE, it’s on a corresponding number of beautiful, unspoiled acres with equally beautiful (multiple) views.

  • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

    At first, Dean Gardens sold for a fraction of the asking price, then this monstrosity went for a tiny fraction of what was asked for it. I feel somewhat like a vulture watching something die, but there are several houses that will go for similar low prices in states that have been hit hard by the recession including IL, CA, FL and NV and possibly NY and MA. Unless there is a miraculous rebound in the economy or some sellers decide to hold on to their homes in these states, I don’t think anyone needs to be surprised by some of these homes going at steeply lower selling prices than the sellers originally wanted.

  • Architect 121

    For some reason I actually like this house. I know I’m in the minority here. I do agree its too big and they will never use the space, but for $3 million I would definitely take this home!

  • Orlando

    Was the home still furnished??

    • mattc

      No. Photos are from a decorators show house event. Original furnishings were auctioned off in 2006 for about 750K total so that Conseco could get a partial recovery of the monies owed them by Hilbert. Given that the home is 25,000 s/f, the sports pavillion another 14,000 plus, the pool house is 3,500, plus the guest quarters, catering pavillion, etc will also all need furnished as well, I’ll bet there will be another million plus just in furnishings to make the place look decent. Just think about it… oil paintings on the walls, new draperies, area rugs, upholstered furniture and more will add up quick. For goodness sakes, the listing didn’t have it detailed, but the guard house at the main gate is 1,800 s/f with a three car attached garage on it and the soffit and facia are made of limestone even there. Conseco said they were spending nearly a million a year to maintain the home and grounds so I agree with everyone that at 3 million the place is a steal, but you better have some serious jack to keep it looking good in the future !

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