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  • Cole

    Worth every penny.

  • TEE

    all that baby blue has to go… other than that though its a nice house, but nothing too special. also, look at the difference in styles between the grand foyer, which i think is beautiful, and that brown powder room. little bit of an identity crisis i think…

  • Daniel

    I like it for the most part. Exterior is nice, but I don’t get why there is a pile of weeds in the center of the driveway – please install a fountain or a towering oak instead. Interior has a lot of potential. I would change the staircase tile (ugly color and too dark), though I do like the width of it. I also don’t like the checkerboard tile (the brown at least – black please). The other rooms seem to invoke a French style rather than Mediterranean – especially the way the ceiling domes in the living room. Library seems like an afterthought and reminds me of a common area in a 2 star eastern European hotel.

    I like the pool area and most of the rear elevation, but that windowless garage completely ruins the balance. They should make that side a living wall or install tall hedges. Looks quite ugly.

    Overall, considering the price and size, it isn’t too terrible, but there are some odd features and some instances where details were completely overlooked.

  • Grrrowler

    I quite like most of it. The interior, as with all these new-builds, needs a skilled interior decorator to make it all work. The French elements do need to go and be replaced with Spanish colonial or Mediterranean pieces. The master bathroom looks needlessly large with lots of unused floor space. Again, I’m sure a good decorator would bring in some interesting pieces of furniture to make it work. I think the foyer, front facade, and upper gallery are beautiful. As for the outside, the rear facade needs to be made more interesting with some of the stone design elements from the front. Like Daniel said, that windows garage is a problem. It’s a big monolithic element stuck on the back of the house. A few windows would be an easy additional. I would also bring in some mature landscaping in the back in addition to the new plantings that are there. I hope any new owner puts a fountain in the center of that motor court.

    Sadly the neighborhood, while decent looking, is filled with mostly unremarkable houses. This house is one of the largest, if not the largest. It’s certainly not Highland Park.

  • Andrew

    this isn’t neoclassical…?

    • Kenny Forder

      that’s what it says on the listing…..

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