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  • Daniel

    Interesting post.

    I like how the picture of the facade attempts to blur out the (what looks like) tenement housing in the back. Looking at StreetView, it is rather unfortunate that this home is on the corner of some entrance to an alleyway, right next to a dumpster. I guess that is city living for ya =/

    Interior is nice, but it seems so many townhomes (in NY as well) are designed with the dark floors/white crown moldings/off-white or gray wall colors/contemporary light fixtures but very traditional architectural fixtures. All that is missing is some white couches, chenile throws and maybe a wow element such as a zebra rug, and you have the attempt at uniqueness and edginess that everyone and their mother seem to have. Overall, it seems like it ready to be staged, not lived in. That’s just my opinion.

    With that said, I think Mickey Rourke has the greatest townhome I have ever seen (but looks like he is selling?). FANTASTIC

    • Grrrowler

      If you look at the street view for the next block over you can see that it’s not the back of a tenement. It’s an older building with retail on the ground floor and apartments above. The staircase in the back is just a staircase. I don’t know why the realtor/photographer blurred it out. Maybe it’s just a bad understanding of depth of field when taking a picture!

      As for the townhouse having one side on the alley, that’s actually desirable. With the alley in back, you end up with only one shared wall and also a place for lots more windows, like those in the stairwell. Alleys and dumpster and nearby neighbors are just part of living in any city.

      • Daniel

        Obviously I don’t live in the city (and probably wouldn’t want to) so it looks dingy to me. Looking at the other townhomes though, they don’t share any walls…there is a 1-2 foot gap between each house (this one included). Technically this would make it single-family, wouldn’t it?

        It may be more desirable to have an alley, but personally I would not want to walk past it daily and having the stench of garbage and whatever else greet me at my door. Penthouse on Lakeshore for me, please!

        • Grrrowler

          I didn’t “drive” down the street on Streetview but I do see the gap you’re talking about on most of the houses. They certainly won’t get any light into those spaces. It’s definitely a single family home, but is probably considered a zero lot line house, so a townhouse (I live in a zero lot line house, although my house is set back about 3′ from the property line and I don’t share any common walls).

    • Siobhan

      Those stairs are very common in Chicagoland’s multi-family homes. They offer each unit an escape route as well as usually some much-desired outdoor space.

      It isn’t a tenement.

      • Daniel

        I knew I should have CAPSed the “what looks like” portion in my response. Obviously it isn’t tenement housing, considering the surrounding neighborhood looks quite expensive (and judging by the asking price of this property). Like Grrrowler said, this is city living, and that type of staircase is to be expected. I suppose my issue is the fact that it’s adjacent to an alley which houses the trash containers of the businesses. Once again, I realize it’s a city and space is limited, but I would prefer to live further down the street.

        • Siobhan

          (In my experience, basically all homes are on an alley in that city.)

    • Venom

      Wow, that is nice, who would have thought Mickey Rourke would have good taste like that.

  • Grrrowler

    I very much like how the new building was designed correctly to be sympathetic to the neighborhood. I know very little about Chicago but I know that the Lincoln Park area has some trendy shops and restaurants and is one of the more expensive areas in the city. That being said, the price still seems high for Chicago in the current real estate market.

    I think the interiors have a lot of possibility, but they could still use a good designer to make them special. I don’t like the basement rooms, but that statement from me would be true for almost any house. Basement rooms always feel “off” and are best left as wine cellars, home spas/massage rooms, and home cinemas.

    All in all I think it’s a nice place. I would live in it, but I wouldn’t pay $4.5 million for it.

  • Cole

    I like the home a lot. While usually I would rather an older home, this place is very nice. I’d pay $2.75 million max, this price is outragous.

  • Cole


  • Barney

    CORRECTIONS to all the grammar typos’ I made….I HATE missing them….makes me sound like a DOPE!

  • Daniel

    Did anyone notice the lack of knobs on the kitchen cabinets? Are those the kind where you push the corner to open it up?

  • Tay

    Is this really a brownstone? The brownstones I’m familiar with don’t look like this..

  • Tommy Dunaway

    Way OVER priced !!!!!

  • Iemand

    No experience on price or anything like that (especially outside the Netherlands) and living in a city is not my dream home location but;

    Awesome, when can I move in? 😛

  • CC

    It’s brick, that’s not Brownstone genious.

    • Kenny Forder

      My bad. I just changed it. You know, you could be a little less rude about it.

    • Daniel

      You might want to look up how to spell that last word 😉

      • Kenny Forder

        Hahaha. People these days…..

      • Venom


        It is funny when someone tries to be a dick and then just ends up looking stupid.

      • Grrrowler

        Yeah, kinda chips away at the credibility don’t it?

    • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

      At the very least, show some politeness for the time and the effort that the blog owners put in here.

      • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

        My post was a response to CC. No offense meant to anyone.

  • Kyle

    Way too bland for me.


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