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  • Daniel

    I like the home above a lot. Looks like the inspiration was taken from Il Palmetto in PB and the Soffer residence on Indian Creek Island. Only thing I would change is the roof color; a little too purple for me.

    • Daniel

      And get that Arnage off the construction site!!!!

  • Grrrowler

    I like this house. I’ll be very curious to see the interior when it’s done. I hope they keep it tasteful and don’t go throw Louis XIV all over the place. It reminds me a lot of Philbrook:

    I think this house would look better with a red tile roof like Philbrook. Otherwise, the exterior details are beautiful. I love the glass-covered atrium.

  • Pat

    When I hit your first link, it says I’m “forbidden” and I can’t access it.
    I’m developing a complex here, anyone else???

  • alexsmolik

    Haha! Loving the Bentley Arnage right in the middle of the works! 🙂
    So… posh 😉

    – ALEX

  • Stewie

    Very nice

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