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  • Daniel

    Ridiculous price. Avila seems to be full of these overpriced white elephants, mainly that $17.5 million faux chateau. That one has been on the market for 843 days…and counting. I’ll just pretend this home is $4.99 million…

    The interior rooms are not scaled appropriately. The living room looks very narrow and the staircase is competing for space. Kitchen wallpaper (in a $9 million I mean $5 million dollar house?) and mural have to go. Library also seems quite congested. Game room is a nice feature but I don’t like the wallpaper and rug combo. Theater is very nice and simple. Dining room looks uncomfortable and the 2 chandeliers are competing…couldn’t have made it a nice big crystal one? Master bed/bath also seem small (especially the master sitting area, although I do like the furnishings and drapery used). Last but not least, that is probably the creepiest playroom mural I have EVER seen.

    The home may be 9,000+ square feet, but it looks half the size. I wouldn’t pay $9 million, $5 million or $3 million for it.

  • Grrrowler

    For a >9,000 square foot house it does look very cramped. Every room seems to be long and narrow (shallow) in some way. The living room is the poster child of cramped; it looks like it was an afterthought. I first thought it was a sitting area near the stairs, like a reception area, and thought “that’s a decent idea.” Then I realized it was the formal living room. “Hey everyone…let’s all go sit in the living room after dinner. Oh wait, only four of us can go. The rest of you wait in foyer until it’s your turn.” A formal living room should be able to comfortably seat at least as many people as the dining table can, in this case eight. My two favorite rooms are the theater and the master closet. I do like the shower in the master bath, although the tub looks anything but cozy/intimate.

  • Cole

    I like the pool but there are not many other positive things I can say.

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