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  • Daniel

    That home in Louisiana is interesting. Those driveways look mighty confusing though.

  • Architect 121

    I was born in Baton Rouge, and have family in Broussard. I had no idea there were ANY large homes there. Kenny, you should really check out the garden district in New Orleans. (where Sandra Bulluck, Nicholas Cage, and Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have homes) or Highland Road/Country Club of Louisiana in Baton Rouge for some mansions.

  • Lane

    yea there’s a big home at the end of Highland Crossing Street in Baton Rouge, you can’t see it on google earth but you can on bing.

  • Cole

    Very interesting….

  • Nick

    The Prosper,TX mansion is owned by Torii Hunter, a baseball player.

    The LA mansion is a masterpiece!!Fantastic exterior with a very very long driveway.It is offered for privacy, that’s for sure.

    I really love Calabasas.It’s a very affluent town with huge mansions situated on tiny lots.Can’t wait to see this astonishing mansion completed!!!

  • Matt

    the one in Bartonville is for sale for $2,190,000 here is the website

    the one that is under construction next to it is $3,300,000 and is 11,000+sf!! here is the website>>

    • Swimmer

      That home in Bartonville is hideous!!!

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