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  • Daniel

    $58.5 million? Really? What a joke…

    Look at the Bing BirdsEye – Barren and ugly as hell. Interior is a mess. If it isn’t a vulgar mess then it’s tiny and very compact. Show me a room in a $50 million+ home that has the 1960’s style room in photo 10 of 20. Master bath looks like the inside of a freaking alligator. The wine cellar looks like it started off as a nightclub (purple ceiling and polished black marble floors – 1983 anyone?). Overall, the house is a pile of mess. And color me suspicious, but something tells me the lot is worth no more than $10 million judging from the surrounding area.

    • Iemand

      I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s not fit together, all kind of ‘styles’ mixed together into a big mess.
      Just look at the back of that pool, it looks like it’s never completed! (or is this actually the case here?)
      The only things I like is the lot (again water ;)) you could make something nice from that.
      Also the foyer/stairs could be nice, just rip out the flooring, the carpet on the stairs (those stairs are actually really nice, if you can see it), the chandelier, the curtains and the railing, and a less screaming skylight. Then that part could be nice. To bad you have to blow the rest of the house up…

      • Iemand

        EDIT: the house of october 29th is what I’m talking about, talking about space! 😛

    • Kenny Forder

      Agreed. The interior decor is very dated…and to think that this home was recently built! HA! Don’t get me started on that master bath! It’s one of the ugliest ones that I’ve ever seen. There is marble and then there is MARBLE. That bathroom has way too much. I also hate the marble in the foyer. Just terrible. Haha yeah! The wine cellar cracks me up. Why the hell would you put a chandelier in a wine cellar?!

      • Iemand

        I was actually talking about that huge chandelier at the stairs, but the one you mentioned could go too. And isn’t wine supposed to conserved in a dark area?; this one looks like there’s a disco going to happen at any moment.

  • Orlando

    A blind person’s dream home!!!

  • Grrrowler

    The location is above reproach, but the interior is a disaster. There are some interesting details but it just looks very cheap. It’s a $58 million teardown.

  • Elizabeth

    This house reminds me of that song: “You fancy huh, oh you fancy huh. Hair done, nails done, everything did.”

    • Kenny Forder

      haha, good one Elizabeth!

    • Venom

      LOL, that made me smile 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    that wasn’t a compliment

  • Cole

    Tasteless, I could never pay $58 million for something like this.

  • Stewie

    Totally agree with you all. The interior looks so tacky and just…yuck. The exterior is quite nice and the location is fairly good but for that price, no thank you!

  • KEV


    Probably a little high on their asking price. 😉 They are also about 9,000 square feet high on the listing, although zillow has certainly been wrong before, or maybe they are adding porches, garages and everything else that’s covered.

  • Swimmer

    YUCK! Can’t stand this tasteless piece of junk.

  • Nick

    The exterior is OK.

    The interior is too gaudy to fit in a home.It’s a mess…

    But, undoubtedly the most outrageous thing about this estate is the PRICE!!!!!
    58 $MILLION for this ugliness????In 5.000 years they will sell it…

  • Kyle

    Who the hell designed this interior!?

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