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  • Nalin

    14.25 bathrooms?

    this house is so nice. it really has everything.

    • Nalin

      just checked out the details in the finishings as well, very nice and tasteful. and loving the multiple sports arenas

  • Stewie

    I love it. I had never heard of Bradbury so I just looked it up and damn! It rivals Beverly Hills for sure. There are some HUGE estates out there

  • Iemand

    The interior is so so (except the entry, I like that) but I really really REALLY love the front. The whole front door thing, the doors/windows, the roof. That’s the kind of look I want in my mansion. (If I would ever own one…)

  • Daniel

    I’m not in love. Interior is ho-hum and includes every shade of beige imaginable. Exterior facade is comical with the oversize front portico. It just completely ruins the balance of the home. That indoor driving range/batting cage is such a waste. And I’ve never heard of Bradbury, so 4 acres and 18,000+ square-feet or not, $20 million is going to Beverly Hills or Malibu or some other well-known city.

    Keepers in my opinion are the home theater (re-upholster the walls) and kitchen.

    • Grrrowler

      Yeah, way too much beige, both inside and out. I agree that the portico just doesn’t fit. It looks like a Greek temple stuck to the front of a western Mediterranean building. I’m also not going to pay Beverly Hills prices to live practically in the “Inland Empire”.

  • Barney

    Nice home, but I agree with you Daniel……..interior decorating, while most likely expensive, looks like it was done by the homeowners themselves, and not a professional. ENTIRELY too bland, and way too many similar colors. And THOSE armchairs in the study/office…….THE UPHOLSTERY!?!? My EYES! Jumpin’ geeehosaphat….looks like Stevie Wonder picked it out! All the BIG time overkill sports rooms/facilities are lost on me, except for the pool & gym. And while I’m not gonna’ look up the city it’s in, if it’s more than an hour or so driving time to L.A.,……….FUGGGEDABOUDITTT.

  • LE

    All I can say is…”holy crap!” (to quote Frank Barone)

    That place is amazing…however…it’s turn the indoor bating cage into a driving range.

  • Erica

    Do you have the floor plan to this house its nicee?

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