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  • Swimmer

    I like this home! It is big and detailed. One thing I would change is that the house is to “blocky”

    • Kokokeoki

      Its modern/old world. Hence the bock-ness.

  • Daniel

    At first glance I thought these were renderings for the home next door (that home is actually here: http://rexnichols.com/project_details_horizontal.php?ProjectCategoryID=1&ProjectSubCategoryID=1&ProjectID=12 )

    So the home does not have a visible roof? Eh…I agree it will look blocky. Nice neighborhood, but I think the house needs a few gables instead of a third floor.

  • Mak

    meh. Whats with the “european” description? Old world influences and modern amenities? Probably the most overused phrase in real estate. Do they mean a hodgepodge design that lack a clear coherent style? Or do they mean jamming a huge house on a tiny lot is a european habit?

  • Brijbhushan Bhattadri

    I like the sketches. It will be really nice to see them translated into reality.

    Hey, Kenny, you’re doing your best to keep visitors returning here, aren’t you? Thanks, BTW, for the fix! 🙂

  • Grrrowler

    Old world influence? You mean no indoor plumbing? The maid beats the laundry on a rock out back? No electricity? Really, what a stupid description by the agent.

    It seems that it would go without saying that a $9M house will have modern amenities. I don’t see anything European about the style of this. As MAK said it’s definitely a hodgepodge of styles. Maybe it will look better when it’s completed.

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