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  • Daniel

    Never heard of Celina, and I’m not going to bother Googling it. Exterior is pretty horrible in my opinion, especially the rear. Looks like a Super 8. Pool is half-decent. Interior is not much better. I thought I saw it all, but a giant map as a ceiling mural is something I have never seen (and never care to see again). Library is sooooooo dark. Floors throughout look like they came from a ranch home circa 1974. Bedroom? is very odd; that “stage” is too small and completely pointless. No window treatments either?

    Let’s just say I ain’t a fan and call it a day.

    • Daniel

      I felt bad that I didn’t like anything, so I’ll just say the kitchen is my favorite part 🙂

    • Stewie

      Haha yeh I feel the same way! I also thought about googling where Celina is but then decided why bother because the house sucks lol

  • Pat


  • Grrrowler

    I’ve wondered for years where Rapunzel retired to after leaving the fairy tale circuit; now I know.

    I would swear the pictures of the front and the back of the house are actually of two different houses. Apparently the owners spent all their money on the front facade and had nothing left to make the rear facade look like anything. I’m afraid the only thing I could find about the house that I like is that with it being in Celina, TX I will probably never be subjected to having to see it.

  • Architect 121

    Hideous, inside or out. The architect should never design a house again. I know how harsh that sounds, but they are manipulating the nouveau riche owners into thinking that combining severely disproportionate wings, horribly executed tudor elements, disgusting yellow-orange stone, and a turret gets you a french chateau.

    • Kyle

      When you say disproportionate wings, what do you mean? Also, from what I have read, most achitects these days don’t know how to design classical architecture, so you get stuff that is really “off” in terms of how such a home should actually be designed.

  • Andrew

    Why is the homebuilder “altruistic”?

  • Mak

    What a mess. It looks like a mashup of designs from the do it yourself superstore Home Depot.

  • Targa

    One would think the terms “French chateau” and “Tudor” would be mutually exclusive.

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