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  • Daniel

    7,300 sq ft and 11 bathrooms? Incontinent much?

    • Grrrowler

      LOL! The architect was going for “continental” and the builder apparently got a little confused.

      Of all the new houses posted on HOTR in Texas, this is one of the better ones. The listing agent is a little full of himself and his listing (Built for a king, queen, and their court? Maybe for a queen…) but that’s part of the job I think.

  • Mak

    What makes it a “french chateau”? No, really. What design elements are french?

  • Swimmer

    Only a four car garage? And that pool is WAY too close to the house. Other then that, I love it

  • Iemand

    Like it in some way. The front facade is nice, except the flat, non-detailed area around the door, this would have been better if it was stone too.
    I still don’t get it about 7 bedrooms (oke), 11(11!) bathrooms. Why, so everyone can take a #2 at the same time en the dogs can drink out of the remaining toilets?

    And I agree with Swimmer, that pool is nice but way too close to the house. If it’s that close, I want a diving board out of that windows above the pool, so you can jump right in it. 😛

  • North Texas Luxury

    Great home, love the way the pool is situated.

  • Chance

    I actually like this house, which is unusual cause it’s not really my style, but holy crap (pun) 11 bathrooms in 7300 sq ft! Cut that number in half to get a realistic total.

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