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  • Grrrowler

    What I find most interesting is that the house is empty. I figured Kurtz was living in it. For $68M, the agent should at least stage the major rooms.


    It would be great if any one could find the floor plans to this house (in the loose form of the the term)

    • ob

      I once saw it on the properties website.

  • Stewie

    No way this home is EVER going to get that price. Kurtz should list it for 30 million, let’s be honest

  • Stewie

    I mean the estate is gorgeous, we all agree on that, but the price tag like so many today is completely unrealistic. It’s not even furnished!

  • Stewie

    Ok 30 million may be a bit on the cheap side for this place bc of all its amenities and the quality of its construction but its not going to sell for anywhere near 68m.

  • Mak

    I love the way he says “we’re getting interest from all over the world”…except what does that mean? Sure they might be interested, but no one has stepped up yet and actually bought it. Hell, I’m interested! Everyone is interested. Its just not selling.

  • Daniel

    No offense to Kenny or anyone from the garden state, but I don’t think saying to someone “I just bought a $60 million estate in…NEW JERSEY” is going to get an applause. Alpine may be on the Forbes list as one of the most expensive communities (not a fan of those lists anyhow), but I do not think the city, let alone the state, commands those prices. If someone wants to escape the city and is truly rich, a helicopter ride to the Hamptons or Greenwich is where I would go. Just sayin…

    • John


      You are completely ignorant. Not even worth any more of my time.

      • Jp

        Daniel lives in his parents basement

  • Toby

    I have photos of the floor plans if anyone is interested. Just shoot me an email at

  • Fhak Hieu

    Very interested at 49M Tops however they don’t even have this furnished. The realtor should be fired. Do Your Job and you will get a buyer.

    • Kenny Forder

      Are you really interested? If so, please contact us at I’d love to talk to you about the home 🙂

  • jim

    from the replies I have read, none of you are familiar with Bergen county or Alpine for that matter. Bergen County is the 3rd most expensive county to live in, in the US (the other 2 on the west coast). Houses of that price don’t sell overnight. Also, people who spend money of that amount on a house, hire someone to decorate the house to their taste. I personally know there have been many celebrities that have looked at the house, oprah was one of them. Also, the area this house is located in, has many celebrities or wealthy executives living in the area. just across the road from this house is a mega mansion that sold for $50 million about 7 years ago, big drug company executive bought it. Also, there are many new york professional athletes living in the area, know before you make uneducated comments.

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