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  • Kingstigo

    Hey kenny can you post more home from the area

  • Daniel

    I always found these types of lists to be utterly useless. Indian Creek Village in Miami probably has a median home value of over $8 million. I always found median home value to be a way to boost some of these small little towns. Use the highest home sales as a way to gauge how expensive a town is.

    • Grrrowler

      I agree. I would find the average home price to be a more useful number. Even then that number would be very easily skewed by a few ridiculously expensive properties. Reading the Forbes article, they apparently are only using active listings to figure the median, not the median home value of all properties or sales in the last 12 months. The article even mentions that there are only 12 active listings in the Bradbury/Duarte area which pushes the median way up.

      • Stewie

        Yeh Indian Creek would win every year hands down because its an independent village which only has large homes. I suspect like you guys said Forbes only does it on active listings and homes sold.

  • Joy

    Regardless of the list, Bradbury is in the middle of nowhere! It has a population of less than 1000 people. Not a real city….sorry and geographically undesirable. Peter Popoff lives there (a really OLD SCHOOL evangelical gaffler) I can see why he would want to live in the middle of nowhere.

  • area resident

    Forbes just screwed up royally. They are two totally different cities (and yes, each are incorporated cities), with two completely different economic classes and real estate markets. Bradbury’s 90018 zip code, because its population is so small, is serviced out of the Duarte post office, since Duarte is nearby. Forbes, at least not as of this writing, just doesn’t want to admit that it blundered the highly-publicized top spot of its annual list so badly… Because they’re arrogantly ignoring their mistake, I hope this becomes an egg-on-face story of itself.

    In regards to the ironically-named “Joy’s” comments… Bradbury, about 7 miles east of Pasadena, is hardly “middle of nowhere” to anyone but only the most elitist, sour-grape eating LA west-side snobs. And being that its located in some beautiful foothill areas of the San Gabriel Mountains, I suppose it would – since it’s pretty much surrounded by serenity and nature – be “geographically undesirable” to a robot.

    • Stewie

      lol. good comment

  • Simon Golledge

    Let’s get it right.
    Bradbury 91008
    Duarte 91010

  • kelvin

    the zip code for the house in the picture is 91010 but is still considered bradbury. to get there, you have to drive through duarte as the only other road that connects to the one shown is a duarte street.

    i should know. i live here =]

  • Dave

    I know for a fact that Bradbury and/or Duarte are NOT the most expensive zip-codes. Just drive through San Marino which is about 5 to 10 miles up the 210 fwy NOW THAT IS AN EXPENSIVE CITY. I drive through Bradbury daily and Duarte. Hardly RICH! LOL Someone made a HUGE mistake!

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