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  • assplug

    just so you know, one of the marriott family members just built a giant stone mansion off of Country Club Drive in Bethesda Maryland, you can see it on virtual earth. address is 8607 Country Club Drive, bethesda, md, 20817 That street is considered the most prestigious street in the area.

    • Kenny Forder


  • Charlie

    The top row 3rd picture is something amazing.

  • Jason

    I’ve been in the mansion in pics 4/5, it’s truly gigantic! It’s in a guard gated community and the French castlesque home was designed by Dallas architect Richard Drummond Davis- rddavisarchitect.com. Two friends of mine painted the murals in the rotunda dome ceiling and the library. As a result they were invited to a party and I came along. It’s quite impressive! The formal rooms were furnished in TRUE museum quality french furnishings that were so exquisite a rep from Sotheby’s was on hand to talk about them. The family is wealthy from oil money and calls the house- The Castle. Simple floor-plans were also given out at the party so guests could your the home.

  • Kyle

    That home in the top row, third picture, is very nice, but looks completely out-of-place. It needs trees and green surrounding it. I am assuming all that brown will grow into grass, but it still needs trees surrounding it I think, just looks out-of-place without them.

  • Stewie

    I like the home in Alaabaamaaa…..where the skies are so blue 🙂

  • KEV

    Here’s that house in Fort Worth that Jason is talking about–


    Hard to believe it’s “only” 16,000 square feet. The overall look and grounds are pretty sweet, although it dwarfs the other homes on its street in both size and value.

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