Pictures #1,2,3 – These 3 mansions are located on Fenton Way in Brampton, ON. They are all gated. The funny thing is that that they are all basically the same house. The backs of the homes are exactly the same. The only difference are the different architectural details on the front facade.

Pictures #4,5 – This mansion is under construction off of The Gore Road in Brampton, ON. It is eerily similar to the first 3 homes.

Pictures #6,7 – These 5 mansions are located on Country Lane in Toronto.

Pictures #8,9 – This mansion is located at the end of Blythe Road in Mississauga, ON.

Pictures #10,11 – This mansion is located on Blythe Road in Mississauga, ON.

Picture #12 – This waterfront mansion is located Lakeshore Road E in Oakville, ON.

  • All in Toronto!


  • Sam

    I agree with Marcus! I wouldnt want to think that there was an identical version of my house somewhere in the world let alone next door to you (for the money im presuming they paid for it)… I have also seen the exact same house in Mississauga (Google map Doulton place).
    Despite they look the same I love the architecture!!!!