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  • Daniel

    Useless “home”. All it consists of is bedroom and bedroom and more bedrooms and dining areas or seating areas. A boxing ring, really?

  • Allen

    I have a couple of thoughts, but can someone else offer a good reason why you need two conference rooms? I can understand one, for certain business people and the like. But two? Are they trying to make it a “his and hers” type thing? I don’t really see the point.

  • Barney

    Sighhhhhhhhhhh……….gorgeous location & views, I’m sure…….as I’m sure the interior will be too. HOWEVER, I’m DEFINITELY showing my age and (AHEM, COUGH, GASP!)common sense here, but I’m SOOOOOO OVER literally ego-run-amok SIZE (which with regard to this place is inarguably ridiculous and realistically beyond too huge for any kind of TRUE daily life…….even for the worlds’ most filthy rich people), just for nothing other than sizes’ sake!!! I’ll ALWAYS be infinitely more impressed by all homes that are SIZED FOR SANE PEOPLE AND SANE LIVING, but are exquisitely designed, furnished and still feel like a TRUE home. By that, I don’t mean too small for large families & large scale, frequent entertaining……but this and waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many other homes all over the world are just plain old PSYCHOTIC.

    • Grrrowler

      I’m apparently reaching the same sort of age! I’d much rather live in an exquisite jewel box than a nicely decorated warehouse. I’m sure this place will beautiful when it’s done but it seems more like an impress-the-guests type of thing than a home.

      • Marcus

        I must be in the same age group. I would take a 5,000 Sq Ft “Palace” over a 50,000 Sq Ft “House” any time.

      • Daniel

        It is interesting to see how these gargantuan penthouses tend to be in a contemporary style, solidifying the whole “warehouse in the sky aspect” of it. I’ve said it before that I love HUUUUGE homes (40,000 sq ft? Yes, please), but doing them in a contemporary style is cheating in my mind. Design a French palace or Mediterranean villa with the same square footage and doing it right is a much harder task in my opinion.

        And don’t even get me started on Costa Rica as a (potential) destination for the super rich. Earth has many beachfront locations, and something tells me Costa Rica will never have the same cache as Monaco, Palm Beach, Fiji, etc.)

    • Marie

      My feelings exactly Barney. I’d feel like I was forever living in a hotel in something like this so completely impersonal.

  • Stewie

    Crazy but cool

  • Cleo

    But it’s in Costa Rica. They type and size of space doesn’t match the lifestyle choices of the kind of people who can afford the that type of space. Why don’t I just build my own skyscraper on the beach and create a Ski Dubai inside the lower levels so I can live in the penthouse with NO neighbors and their kitchen fires beneath my floor?

  • Jon

    I would be fine with the size as long as it was practical. You dont need two conference rooms. like Allen said, i could kind of see how business people would need one, but that should be what the office is for. The boxing ring i could see if you were a professional Boxer but you still would probably still go to a gym.

    It would be better if they got rid of all the stupid ideas (conference room, boxing ring) and throw in some more guest entertaining.

    And is this a single family home? cause the floor plans for floors 12 and 13 dont show a kitchen, unless i just cant find it.

    • organbrett

      I can’t find a kitchen on the bottom 2 floors either! (Just the rooftop one) I don’t like these gimicks either! The only good thing I can say about it is I like how the architect built in these 2 floor atriums to bring down light into each of the lower 2 floors so you can look at plants and it isn’t dark as a tomb. But I’ve been to this area of Costa Rica and was shocked at how much garbage & poverty is everywhere! Even deep in the jungles it somehow looks dirty! And don’t get me started about the giant bugs everywhere! 😉

  • Venom

    I am sorry, my house is 10,000 square feet and quite frankly it is too big and i probably would not build this big again.

    Can you tell me what the eff you are going to do with a place that is almost 70,000 square feet?
    Are you going to keep multiple hookers in different wings?
    Maybe you can take vacations to the other wings.
    This is just building crap for the hell of it.

    • Onions

      Multiple hooker wings. I think you’re on to somethin here….

  • KEV


    1. Costa Rica? Beautiful, nice vacation spot, but still….
    2. Looks like someone converted two floors of a hotel into a house without changing anything except making all the exterior walls glass. Hall, door, hall, door, hall, door. Wrong!

    I do like the contemp styling, at least for this location and the views, but the layout looks like a corporate retreat, not a home. But I expect a billionaire from somewhere will like it enough to shell out 30ish million for it.

  • Chance

    It’s overkill, plain and simple. Everyone has basically said everything about this place already, so no need for me to blast it further.

  • LE

    Might as well add a sign that says ‘convention center’ and rent out the conference rooms. At least then they’ll get some use.

  • SF

    Wonder what kind of fee the agent makes on a sale like that?

  • baboo

    Those bathrooms are small. Shower next to toilet tightly fitted together . 70k sqft ? Needs spa and living space in bathroon.

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