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  • Daniel

    Eh…nothing special. Kinda boring actually. Really like the master bathrooms (his especially) and the office. Everything else seems rather generic. Maybe it’s because the home is 22 years old, but I wouldn’t pay over 10 million for it, Beverly Park or not.

    • Daniel

      And it isn’t even the “real” Beverly Park. It’s the crappy one that has the inconvenient guard gate location or whatever the controversy was with that section of the neighborhood.

  • Marcus

    What a difference a few 100 yards makes – this house is on Beverly Park Road but it is not inside the Beverly Park Mega Manison enclave just to the north so there is no way this house is worth anywhere near 18 million. I do agree with Daniel , it does have really nice bathrooms.

  • Stewie

    While it’s a nice house, there’s something missing. It simply doesn’t have that ‘wow’ or ‘amazing’ or even ‘great’ factor about it for some reason

  • Stewie

    Just looked at the BEV. It is a nice home for sure. And the interior is alright but quite bland and boring in places, you can tell that it’s not been worked over by a designer (at least I hope it hasn’t for then that interior designer would suck). As I said, nice but nothing special. The house misses something

  • Grrrowler

    I love the listing agent’s description of “Beverly Park South”. In other words, south of Beverly Park. I actually like this place better than a lot that we see on HOTR, but I’m in agreement with everyone else that it isn’t $18 million worth of special.

  • Orlando

    I like the his master bath but not the hers

  • Iemand

    What I like:
    – The kitchen. It needs some color but the basic is good.
    – I really like the library/office with the bookcases sticking out of the wall, the pooltable in the back and the fireplace. Looks like you can read a good book there.
    – The pool(house). Looks like an entertaining place.

    What I don’t like
    – The (front) exterior, it just looks not right in some way. Also looks really bland/flat. Needs some tone/color too.
    – Chairs like those in the bathroom, I understand the need for something to sit on, but really, chairs like that? Tacky….
    – The screen in the theater should be a bit bigger, but then the front row needs to be further of the screen.

    In the end, some nice things, some bad thing. I’m not really getting warm.

  • jdubble07

    Whoever came up with the list price is out of their mind. Granted they’re two completely different styles, but Norm Zada’s house in the ”real” Beverly Park seems like a much better deal for roughly the same price. Zada’s is a Landry design, is on just under 7 acres, is another 6,000 sqft plus a guest house, and it’s newer. Seems like a no-brainer to me.

    • Daniel

      Contemporary homes in general carry a price tag much less than homes of more traditional styles (Mediterranean, French, etc.). Same is true for S. Florida. Personally, I would take the Zada house as well, as I like contemporary homes.

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