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  • Daniel

    A lot of wise people on this site, that’s for sure 😉

    • Daniel

      Woooo! Palm Beach FTW!!!!

      • Grrrowler

        You might want to check the results again. Then again, maybe you don’t 😉

        • Daniel

          NOOO!!!!! Foolish people! Just wait for the next forest fire/earthquake/Governor Schwarzenegger! At least we only have to deal with one type of natural disaster, and we can make homes (almost) hurricane-proof!

          Have fun standing in your doorway while a fireman sprays gel on your home…and let’s see how far an IOU will get you at Home Depot when you want to rebuild!

          • Grrrowler

            Aw, don’t take it personally! My top three choices didn’t even make the list, so at least you’re on there!

  • Grrrowler

    I’d like more options. I’d hate to think those are the only choices of where to live!

    • Kenny Forder

      haha, I wanted to make it more difficult for everyone by only putting up 5 =)

  • Nalin

    15,000 sq ft in DC = perfection for me

  • Swimmer

    20,000 in Rancho Santa Fe, CA=perfection. Love the Tuscan style

  • Laquayva

    Ha! Kenny, you already know my answer 🙂
    Being a Native New Yorker, Saddle River for sure! I’ve lived in 5 states, so there’s no place like the NY/NJ/CT area.

    • Kenny Forder

      hahaha. I agree, there is no place like it =)

  • architect 121

    7-12,000 sqft in atlanta would be more desirable than 20,000 sqft. I’ve lived in 12,000 sqft and that felt too big, can’t imagine what 20,000 would feel like!

  • Barney

    Even though the ENTIRE state’s goin’ down the financial BLACK HOLE, BIG time, I’d still rather live in L.A……..the still stunning environments within a few hours drive, the ocean, mountains, deserts….can’t beat the weather too. And MOST importantly………….ALL THAT SUNSHINE!!!

    • Swimmer

      Live there and love it!

  • Venom

    I am sorry, 5,000 sq ft in LA should be a no-brainer. lol

  • Al Robinson

    Being from the midwest, and having only lived in Minnesota, it’s impossible for me to know for sure where I’d live of those five options, but I’d pick option 6, a 10,000 square foot home on Lake Minnetonka.

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