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    OK, this is how you do newly-built traditional. To the builder’s credit, this house looks like it’s been there for a 100 years and has been refurbished, not newly built. The interior details are beautiful. It’s also nice to see a large house on a decent amount of land, not shoe-horned onto a lot barely larger than the house’s footprint. The only thing I would change is the name of the name of the house.

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      I saw that, and it’s not a particularly nice house next door either. But, if you measure, the house next door is at least 100 feet away from the nearest corner of this house, so hopefully far enough to provide privacy. Even still, if I owned this house I’d be putting up some trees along the property line.

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        It could have been put back farther. The house has 4 acres to work with. they wouldnt have to be right next to the neighbors. but you could still get privacy with 100 feet. I would add a 6-8 foot wall or fence along with the trees though.

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    Still, its a nice house. :-)


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