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  • Daniel

    Not bad at all. I’d scale back some of the furnishings in the living room and the bedrooms and change the color of the living room curtains, but overall I like it. I’d never move to North Carolina, but it is a nice home.

  • Grrrowler

    Well, make this date on your calendars: this is the day that Daniel and I completely disagreed about a house!

    I tried really hard, but I can’t find a single thing about this house that I like. The scale and proportions of almost every room is completely wrong. The exterior is bland at best. The stairway has no business intruding on the living room like that, plus it looks rather steep. The decor is overdone; those curtains in the living room, while appropriate to the rest of the furniture, look like they came off a ball gown from 1859. The gilded mirrors in what I assume is the master bathroom are ludicrous, and the wall sconces look downright dangerous to someone standing up after washing his/her face in the basin. The outdoor loggia looks dark and dreary, but the the pool looks oppressively bright with all the limestone (or whatever) tile surrounding it. It would blinding on a hot summer day.

    Even if it weren’t in Raleigh…pass.

    • Daniel

      LOL! Well, I guess it’s the combo of a “Mediterranean” exterior coupled with a “French-inspired” interior that I like. It is a little gaudy and perhaps a little stuffy, but it honestly is not as terrible as some other homes on this site (some as much as 10X the price). And I do like the staircase. Although it is in the middle of the room, I like it better than having it off the side of the home in some dark little corner.

      And at first glance I thought the exterior reminded me a little bit of the former Russell Simmons house…at least the front entryway.

    • Russell

      This house is in my neighborhood and you could not be more wrong about the exterior of the home. It is the nicest house in the community.

  • Marcus

    I really like this home. Yes the interior is a little too french but the house itself is great. I love the staircase and the two story round dinning room. This is a larger version of Dan Sater Design’s “Tressino” House Plan but with a very different exterior. You can see that floor plan here:

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