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  • Daniel

    Built in 2007 my ass, try 1987. Looks like they were going for a contemporary motif and failed. Smoked glass stair railings would be appropriate for barricading at some club. And why the hell is there a Sub-Zero refrigerator in the closet???????? Nice views, but New Hampshire offers nothing.

    The decor just seems so disconnected with the architecture. Personally, I would start from scratch. And toooooo many bedrooms (I counted at least nine dedicated bedrooms). Some aspects I do like, such as the stainless steel fireplaces, but it doesn’t work in a typical northeastern style home such as this.

    • Owner of the House

      That’s right keep commenting about my house you will never afford.

      • Allan

        I was in the home last week and i must say it was as beautiful as the pictures. In my line of work I am in many homes this size that have either an empty feeling or just so over the top that you do not want to walk in or touch anything. This home had the comfortable feeling and was beautifully decorated. Good luck with the sale.

    • Corey friend of the owner

      Hey you have no idea, I have been to this house many times and you will never be able to afford it so stop hating maybe your just mad because you live in a two room shack with 15 inbred brothers and sisters.

      • ramalamadingdong


  • Nalin

    i don’t even care about the rest of the house. that kitchen is awesome

    • Corey friend of the owner

      yes it is awesome

  • Stewie


    • Corey Sahills friend

      Hey retard this house is awesome your ugly get a life

  • Stewie

    that yellow that’s used so pervasively throughout the house, both on the outside and on the inside, is a disgusting color and makes the property look cheap and ugly imo.

  • KEV

    I guess it was built 3 years ago, but man, they worked hard to make it look pretty retro. It’s a really big house that probably entertains lots of people very well, but aside from that, the exterior is a little cheap looking for such a large and expensive home, and the inside is just going in ten directions at once. The master closet with the microwave and double door fridge is something I have never seen before, but then again, I once saw a house with a microwave and fridge about 5 feet from the toilet in the master bedroom, so that was much, much worse.

    • Daniel

      I honestly think that may have been a second kitchen. I think the wife may have just said, “Screw it, I need more room for shoes”! Those cabinet handles soooo belong in a kitchen. And that island too!!!

  • Venom

    It is a big house, but you can tell it was cheaply built and they did not utilize the space properly.
    The spaces are not filled out properly at all.

    • Corey friend of the owner

      Your spaces obviously aren’t getting filled…. if you know what i mean 🙂

  • Marcus

    Looks like something the Brady Bunch would build. What the hell is up with the floor in the Foyer — are those crop circles?

  • Rob

    I just looked through the pictures of this place and this place is absolutely hideous and who designed this garbage? What style is this house?
    It is like the architect never read a single book on historical architecture or went to Europe to see examples of where american architecture started. The only thing I like is the property, I would tear this place down and start fresh.

  • Ross

    The owner loves yellow. Saw the house today it is huge and sure stands out.

  • Designer Pete

    Well… I for one think that all that have not SEEN the house should refrain from comment. No, it is certainly not “typical American architecture”, that is true… nor is it bland vanilla flavored interior decor. It is high-style. It is unique. It is for those that appreciate exciting, expansive entertaining space and eye-popping colors. It is not for 99% of the population, nor was it intended to be. At 20,000 SF it is meant to be a bit over the top in all ways. For those that are showing hate, don’t… it is a very cool house with very cool features. It is NOT about who can or cannot afford it… It is about who CAN appreciate it, and who has the means to live in it.
    But don’t take my word… what do I know! 🙂

  • Erica

    I love the house,Its not the best looking house or the worst(I have seen worst home),If I had the money I would damn love this house,Shit my family would damn well love this house too.I would lobe to have an house we a lot of extra space.It’s an amazing house and just enough space for my family(If I had money)But you people talking about the home,Yes y’all are jealous.Cause if y’all had a chance to live in this house.You be jumping for joy(Dont lie)I like the home.

  • ed capeau

    My name is Ed Capeau, i was the faux painter for this house. The owners really did love yellow. Created a lot of one of a kind finished for this home. no matter if you hate the dsign of the home or the quailty of the materials use to build it, i hope you can Appreciate all the hard work of the people that worked there. Visit my website to see more of my work @www.fauxbycapeau.com

  • ed capeau

    My name is Ed Capeau, i was the faux painter for this home. The owners really did love yellow. Myself and the designer worked with the owner to Created a one of a kind finisheds for this home. no matter if you hate the design of the home or the quailty of the materials use to build it, i hope you can Appreciate all the hard work of the people that worked there. Visit my website to see more of my work @www.fauxbycapeau.com

  • jessica

    Isn’t this Adam Sandler’s house?

  • paresh patel

    it is to much nice home.excellent decorative home i like it.

  • Bob Phillips

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