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  • Charlie

    Twin stair-cases doesn’t make a house into a home; too commercial, too tacky for a home. A circular staircase, like the 1st picture, is my favourite for a home.

    • architect 121


  • A grand staircase is very important in a house, it must be right size and it must of course look good!

    The ones on the above photos are all very good, especially the one that shows the amazing staircase in the McLean, VA mansion (the 3rd from left, lower line), and I think Arcways designed that one. That is an amazing company.

  • mattc

    Charlie makes a great point in that there is a casual elegance to a sophisticated circular stair that doesn’t overpower the home.
    Classy elegance is a winner over the McMansion double staircase in my book every time.
    I agree that the first one is also my favorite.
    Mike you are right that Arcways are master craftsmen in their trade and the best in the industry. Check out their portfolio at http://www.arcways.com and click on the gallery section….quite amazing !
    My personal favorite staircase of all time would have to be the 4 story circular one at the Biltmore in Asheville.
    Although much of the place is way over the top, you’ve got to give props to the engineering genius of George Vanderbilt to be able to cantilever 102 two ton treads of stone in a radius spanning over 20 feet and climbing to 75 feet of height with no visible means of support.
    Nothing built like that today, or perhaps ever, again.
    ( Who could afford it ? )

    • Kyle

      Did Vanderbilt himself engineer the staircase? If so, that’s pretty cool!

  • Daniel

    As much as I hate the whole package (giant house + crap location), I have always loved Champ D’Or’s staircase. It really is phenomenal and so very grand. If the house is bulldozed, that will be the part I miss most of all.

  • JWET

    Each and all of them are a testament to the success and the sophisticated taste of the newly rich owners.

  • Swimmer

    The second from the right, on the bottom is incredible! I would love to come walking down those stairs to a large party.

  • Grrrowler

    This is my favorite staircase: http://www.houseandhome.com/files/1_standout-staircases(1).jpg

    Sorry about all the people in the shot.

  • Barney

    Without a doubt, staircase #3, bottom row….magnificent. Proportionally correct, with a domed ceiling as stunning as the stairs, shape, railing & materials themselves. And the perfectly-sized, BREATHTAKING chandelier is the exquisite topper. And, I disagree totally with the double-staircase argument…..when they’re done RIGHT, and NOT, repeat NOT over done, two can be incredibly elegant & beautiful.

    • mattc

      How long do you think it must have taken to build that domed ceiling?
      Agree it is spectacular.

    • Swimmer

      Agreed! The staircase and dome are tastefully and elegantly done with out being overpowering or gaudy.

      • architect 121

        I completely disagree. To me it looks very overdone and gaudy. just my opinion though!

  • Kyle

    The stiarcase and dome themselves look nice, but the walling and ceiling for the rest of the building in the picture look horrible in my opinion, far too plain and cheap-looking. I understand those who don’t want pure gaudiness, but you can also go too far in the reverse and just look far too plain for a luxury home as well. The walls and ceiling prior to the staircase and dome need some paneling or definition or something.

    • Barney

      YIKES! “Plain and cheap looking”….?!?!

      Being a former high-end Realtor, Kyle, I can absolutely assure you that your observation is in the micro-minority, no question. I’ve also worked in interior design, and can again guarantee you that if the small portion of wall you mention were touched at all, then the entire grand staircase would go from magic (as is) to tragic, in a heartbeat, my friend. Anything more would look like the architect(s) & interior designer(s) who designed/built & decorated this stunning space completely lost it and went horribly overboard. But, to each their own 🙂

      • Kyle

        Really!? Hmm…well it’s just the walls and ceiling prior to the staircase just look so plain and white. I mean the old European homes for royalty, you never saw anything like that. They always had paneling or decoration or something on the walls, at least from what I have seen.

        How would adding decoration or paneling or something to the walls hurt the staircase?

  • Sandra Wilson

    I would love to have a brochure of your sophisticated work of art twin stair-cases. They are magnifencent. I am planning to build a house, and i would like to have twin stair-cases in my new house.

  • JWET

    Now THIS is a beautiful stairway, graceful, wonderfully proportioned and actually functional:

  • Ziddy

    Oooo-kay…. Which one of those grand staircases was the model for the “Addams Family” mansion??

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