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  • george

    Concerning house #4, does anyone know which side is front. Also, does it have a front door? I do like the garages, except is that a water fountain in the middle of the parking area? I wonder how many times, in backing out of the garages, they backed into the fountain. Also, with 30 acres there should be room for a back yard, I don’t see one. Other than that, I like it.

    • Stewie

      haha. It looks like it was once a fountain, and then the owner paved it over because of the problems that you described lol.

  • James

    WTF’s up with house #2? It looks like some sort of conjoined house or something. Does it really have two separate grand entrances?

    • Marcus

      Google Map shows it finnished now. It looks like two large houses together. Everything around it looks like track houses. Very odd. No clue what it really is.

  • Marcus

    House # 3 – those are old pictures. That house is at 175 Doris Road, Alpharetta, GA and was finnished back in 2006. It was on some home tour in 2007 – I just do not remember which one. The house in really nice on the inside and over looks a lake.

  • Bryan in CLT

    There is HUGE money in government contracts (like you guys did not know). My mechanic services a BMW where the guy has multiple Ferraris and Lambos as well. His money is out of government staffing contracts…I know my employer spends big money at times on consultants, but if they spent money like the government does every day…they’d go bust. Not trying to editorialize, but big contracts = big mansion.

  • Invish

    House #2 (pictures 3 and 4) is not really located in the city limit of Smyrna. I once took a wrong turn into W. Lane Dr and saw this house. It’s gaudy and has absolutely no appeal if you ask me.

    House #3 (pictures 5 and 6) was built many years ago. I don’t know why you are showing it now. The time which I walked throughout the house was in and around 2006. The builder was aiming to sell it to one of the MLB players moving to Atlanta Braves. I wasn’t quite fond of the mansion because the tone was monotonous but then again, it hasn’t been finished at that point but I didn’t see any fluidity throughout the house. I have no idea what became of the house because the price tag was around $6 million and the housing market, especially in high end luxury estates, was about to take a dump. Everybody knew it’s coming by mid 2006.

  • Gina

    House #1 is located in the northern posh suburb of Athens called Ekali (presumably the most expensive). It belongs to an oil tycoon called Vardinogiannis. The property alone must have cost him no less than € 5.000.000 and the house itself must be more than 25.000 ft² ! Money well spent!


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